Kalashnikov Fulfills 3-Year AK-12 Rifle Contract for Russian Military

Kalashnikov Fulfills 3-Year AK-12 Rifle Contract for Russian Military

Kalashnikov Fulfills 3-Year AK-12 Rifle Contract for Russian Military. This was the biggest long-term purchase of small arms by Russia’s military. The contract underscores the Russian military’s ongoing shift towards the upgraded AK-12 as its primary assault rifle, replacing the older AK-74M models.

Massive AK-12 Procurement Contract

The contract, signed in 2021, involved the extensive manufacture and delivery of Kalashnikov’s latest AK-12 rifles over a 3-year period. The sizeable agreement highlights the Russian military’s continued transition to the modernized AK-12 as its standard-issue assault rifle, replacing older AK-74M models.

Enhanced Capabilities

The AK-12 provides Russian troops with significantly improved capabilities compared to previous AK generations. Key enhancements include greater accuracy and precision, superior ergonomics for soldier effectiveness, and all conditions readiness.

Ongoing Development

Kalashnikov has continued advancing and customizing the AK-12 to meet strict Russian military requirements since its adoption in 2018.

Recent variants incorporate modified sights, ambidextrous safety selectors, integrated suppressor mounting, and upgraded handguards tailored for military needs.

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Future AK-12 Models

Moving forward, Kalashnikov is developing new AK-12 models including the AK-15 chambered in 7.62x39mm ammo and compact AK-12K carbine versions. These will provide Russian forces with additional tactical options as the platform evolves.

Modernizing Russia’s Military

The large-scale AK-12 contract exemplifies the Russian military’s extensive efforts to modernize its equipment. By arming its entire army with the sophisticated AK-12 rifle, Russia aims to gain an edge in small arms firepower and soldier effectiveness.

The successful 3-year agreement shows Kalashnikov’s vital role in equipping Russia’s military with cutting-edge indigenous weapons. The AK-12 is poised to serve as the backbone of Russia’s small arms capability.

The AK-12’s success on the battlefield, coupled with its wide range of features and capabilities, solidifies its position as a vital asset for the Russian military. With its precision engineering, enhanced firepower, and adaptability, the AK-12 is undoubtedly a formidable weapon that will continue to play a crucial role in Russia’s defense strategy for years to come.

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