Naval Group Delivers First Gowind Corvette to UAE

Naval Group Delivers First Gowind Corvette to UAE

Naval Group recently held a ceremony to delivers the delivery of the first Gowind 2500 corvette, Bani Yas, to the United Arab Emirates Navy. The advanced warship highlights expanding naval cooperation between France and the UAE.

UAE’s New Corvette Capabilities

The Bani Yas represents the first of two Gowind corvettes ordered by the UAE from French shipbuilder Naval Group in 2019. It was built at Naval Group’s shipyard in Lorient, France.

Equipped with the SETIS combat management system and PSIM sensor suite, the corvette provides cutting-edge situational awareness and stealth capabilities. The versatile vessel can conduct surveillance, escort, and combat operations.

Strengthening UAE Naval Power

With a maximum speed of 25+ knots, the Bani Yas will significantly boost the UAE’s naval presence and patrol capabilities.

Its radar-evading design, helicopter hosting abilities, and advanced systems will allow the UAE Navy to counter emerging maritime threats. The second Gowind unit, Al Emarat, is nearing the end of construction.

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Expanding France-UAE Naval Cooperation

The corvette delivery highlights growing defense ties between France and the UAE. The $980 million program was facilitated by Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company through a technology transfer.

By providing two highly capable warships, the deal underscores France’s role in equipping regional partners while generating export sales.

Proven Gowind Design

The Gowind corvette design has seen significant global success, with 12 units ordered by international navies to date.

The versatile platform has proven popular in the Middle East, with previous sales to Egypt, Malaysia, and Morocco among other nations.

The on-time delivery of the Bani Yas underscores Naval Group’s reputation for delivering sophisticated warships. The corvette will form a key component of the UAE Navy as it asserts regional maritime power.

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