Poland Receives First AW-149 Helicopters

Poland Receives First AW-149 Helicopters

Poland recently took delivery of its first two Leonardo AW-149 multi-role helicopters out of 32 ordered for the Polish Armed Forces. The advanced helicopters will significantly expand the capabilities of Poland’s 25th Air Cavalry Brigade.

Details of the AW-149 Acquisition

The first AW-149s were handed over in a ceremony attended by Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak. They mark the initial delivery under a contract signed in July 2022.

The 25th Air Cavalry Brigade will ultimately receive 32 AW-149s to be based across three locations. This will boost the brigade’s rapid reaction and air mobility capacities.

Multi-Mission AW-149 Capabilities

The Italian-designed AW-149 can fulfill transport, attack, medical evacuation, and search and rescue roles. Polish models will be equipped with observation systems, guided and unguided munitions, and defensive suites.

Key features include a rear ramp, excellent hovering performance, and compatibility with night vision goggles. The AW-149 provides modern versatility and survivability.

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Enhancing Poland’s Air Assault Strength

The new helicopters will enhance the combat capabilities of Poland’s experienced 25th Air Cavalry Brigade. The unit specializes in air assault operations mobilizing large numbers of troops into battle areas.

The AW-149 will increase the brigade’s ability to quickly deploy forces and support special operations. It improves access to contested zones.

Ongoing Military Growth

Poland has been steadily modernizing its military capabilities amid rising regional tensions. Advanced new helicopters, tanks, and missile defense acquisitions showcase Poland’s focus on defense.

The AW-149 deal represents another milestone in this process. The helicopter delivers a key technology boost allowing Poland to phase out older Soviet-era rotary aircraft.

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