EDGE Secures UAE Military Contract for 100 REACH-S Drones

EDGE Secures UAE Military Contract for 100 REACH-S Drones

Emirati defense technology conglomerate EDGE recently secured its first major contract to supply REACH-S unmanned aerial systems to the UAE Armed Forces. The sizable order underscores the country’s growing domestic capacity in drone development.

Details of the Procurement Agreement

The UAE military tapped EDGE to provide 100 units of the indigenous REACH-S fixed-wing drone following competitive evaluations. This represents the first large-scale order for an Emirati-made medium altitude long endurance (MALE) platform.

EDGE business units ADVANCED and ADASI collaborated on executing the fixed-price contract using their specialized engineering talent.

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Expanding UAE’s Unmanned Capabilities

According to ADASI CEO Juma Al Kaabi, the landmark contract win exhibits EDGE’s burgeoning proficiency in the aerospace sector and autonomous tech investments tailored to military requirements.

The REACH-S delivery will significantly augment the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities available to UAE forces at competitive pricing.

ADVANCED VP Saeed Al Mansoori noted that the innovative REACH-S program symbolizes a major achievement for collaborative development across EDGE.

Highlighting Intra-EDGE Synergies

By leveraging complementary expertise between business units, EDGE delivered an advanced MALE UAS matching strict technical expectations on budget and schedule.

REACH-S System Attributes

The new REACH-S MALE UAS offers outstanding flight endurance and range thanks to its optimized aerodynamic design and fuel-efficient propulsion.

Key parameters include 24 hour endurance, 200 km operational radius, and 19,000 foot ceiling. The drone can carry 120 kg of sensors and munitions payload.

Future Platform Enhancements

While REACH-S already boasts industry-leading specs, EDGE engineers continue maturing its capabilities for enhanced reliability, survivability, and effectiveness.

Planned upgrades include satellite control options for beyond line-of-sight missions and additional calories for power-hungry payloads.

By providing UAE forces with an indigenous ISR and strike asset like the REACH-S, EDGE solidifies the nation’s autonomy in meeting defense technology needs while creating skilled jobs.

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