Brazilian Marine Corps Receives Initial JLTV Delivery

Brazilian Marine Corps Receives Initial JLTV Delivery

The Brazilian Marine Corps (CFN) recently took receipt of four Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV), the first tranche in a broader procurement plan aimed at modernizing Brazil’s tactical wheeled vehicle fleet. The deliveries exemplify growing defense ties between Brazil and the United States.

Reinforcing Brazilian Marines

The initial batch of four armored JLTVs will strengthen Brazil’s marine corps capabilities supporting security and stability operations. Once painted and outfitted, they will deploy on the ongoing Lais de Guia mission around key port regions.

The marines expect to receive up to 60 total JLTVs by 2026, with the next four models due shortly from the United States. The fleet will consolidate at Brazil’s marine Armored Battalion.

Optimized for Littoral Ops

The Brazilian JLTV configuration incorporates enhancements tailored for coastal security requirements. This includes Explosively Formed Penetrator armor kits and added protection for key armaments including grenade launchers and machine guns.

With substantial cargo capacity and onboard power generation, the light tactical trucks give marines an agile asset to assert control of Brazil’s strategic maritime assets and infrastructure.

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Seeking to Replace Aging Fleet

A primary driver behind Brazil’s JLTV adoption is the pressing need to replace its obsolete fleet of Humvees currently employed for tactical mobility roles.

The Humvees suffer from component wear issues and offer inadequate protection levels for Brazil’s contemporary operating environment, issues the modern JLTV platform resolves.

Fostering Brazil-US Defense Ties

Brazil’s marine corps order follows a 2020 contract between Brazil’s army and manufacturer Oshkosh for an initial $400 million fleet of 2,500+ JLTVs. It deepens defense technology ties with America.

The marine corps may seek additional JLTVs beyond its 60 vehicle program of record depending on performance and funding availability.

JLTV Technical Details

The base JLTV models can be tailored with standardized kits for precise missions. Key capabilities include modular armor, 10,000 lb towing capacity, and compatibility with a range of weapons platforms including TOW anti-tank guided missiles.

As thefollow-on to America’s long-running HMMWV program, the JLTV offers the latest innovations in protecting and mobilizing light tactical forces. Brazil’s marines will benefit accordingly.

By adopting the combat-tested JLTV, Brazil’s marine corps gains a next-generation solution optimized for littoral security and power projection operations through superior mobility, transportability, and defensive systems.

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