Uzbekistan Displays Advanced Drone Arsenal Amid Tensions

Uzbekistan Displays Advanced Drone Arsenal Amid Tensions

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev recently reviewed a lineup of sophisticated new unmanned aerial vehicles procured for the nation’s armed forces. The advanced drones highlight Uzbekistan’s efforts to modernize its military capabilities in the face of regional instability.

Details of New Drone Models

The drone exhibition attended by President Mirziyoyev gave domestic defense firms a chance to demonstrate their achievements. Models included:

  • Wing Loong combat drones reportedly from China able carry out strikes following target identification
  • Four Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 unmanned vehicles equipped with air-to-ground missiles
  • Eight Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance UAVs
  • Indigenous Lochin surveillance drones designed locally

Enhancing Armed Forces Capabilities

Briefings during the UAV showcase emphasized Uzbekistan’s aim of using advanced drones to bolster personnel readiness, technical infrastructure, and modern weapons operation.

The Orlan-10 for instance can relay battlefield data to coordinate strikes by the armed Wing Loong and Bayraktar TB2 models

Regional Security Context

Uzbekistan sits in a complex region featuring ethnic divisions and economic competition for water resources. Building military capacities serves as both deterrence and defense.

By adopting the latest UAV technologies, Uzbekistan signals preparedness to secure national interests as disputes remain unresolved with neighbors.

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Technical Advances on Display

The exhibited drones illustrate the rapid evolution of unmanned platforms. The Orlan-30 for example introduces options for laser target designation, improving precision strike capabilities.

Over 50 Orlan UAVs have been exported internationally since 2021 as well, proving cost-effective ISR and targeting abilities.

Domestic Capabilities

Inclusion of the Lochin shows Uzbekistan’s expanding defense industry proficiency. Building indigenous drones enhances self-reliance while creating high-tech jobs.

Content restrictions and sanctions affecting foreign supplies provide further incentives on localizing production.

By committing to UAV fleet modernization, Uzbekistan aims to match rival militaries in applying next-generation technology. Advanced drones form a vital part of this push for qualitative superiority.

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