Ukraine receives advanced light Howitzer from AM General

Ukraine receives advanced light Howitzer from AM General

In a significant development for Ukraine’s artillery capabilities, AM General has provided a test article of their advanced 105 mm Hawkeye Mobile Howitzer System to the Ukrainian forces. This surprise announcement was made by Program Director Mike Evans at the recent Fires Symposium, revealing that the system was delivered in April 2024 and is currently undergoing operational testing and evaluation in Ukrainian service.

The Hawkeye Mobile Howitzer was shipped to Ukraine in April, followed by a two-week training program. Notably, this system is set to become one of the first soft recoil systems tested in actual combat conditions, with Ukrainian forces planning to use it against live targets.

The Hawkeye is renowned for its high mobility and versatility, making it an ideal choice for modern, fast-paced combat scenarios. It offers exceptional transportation flexibility, capable of being moved by aircraft, helicopters, and even air-dropped, which significantly enhances rapid deployment capabilities.

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Stability and precise aiming are ensured by four hydraulic stabilizers, allowing for a 180-degree horizontal aiming range and vertical aiming from -5 to +72 degrees. While designed for a four-person crew, the Hawkeye can be operated by just two personnel if needed, showcasing its adaptability to various combat situations.

In terms of firepower, the Hawkeye boasts impressive capabilities. Its standard ammunition has a range of 11.6 kilometers, which can be extended to 19.5 kilometers with rocket-assisted projectiles.

The system can achieve a maximum firing rate of eight rounds per minute for three minutes, with a sustained rate of three rounds per minute. Importantly, it’s compatible with the full range of U.S. Army 105 mm ammunition.

The Hawkeye’s advanced fire control system includes an M137A2 optical telescope sight and the sophisticated MG 9000 digital system. This digital suite comprises an LN-270 inertial navigation system from Northrop Grumman, a DFS-02 direct fire sight camera from Sekai Electronics, Inc, an S67-1575-76 GPS antenna from Sensor Systems Inc, a Weibul Scientific muzzle velocity radar, and a Mandus display unit for the gunner.

This deployment marks a significant step in Ukraine’s artillery modernization efforts. The Hawkeye’s advanced capabilities, including its mobility and sophisticated fire control system, could provide Ukrainian forces with enhanced precision and rapid response capabilities on the battlefield.

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