Estonia Sending Short-Range Air Defense Systems to Ukraine

Estonia Sending Short-Range Air Defense Systems to Ukraine

Estonia has announced its decision to provide Ukraine with Mistral-type short-range air defense missile systems and missiles as part of its ongoing military aid. The Estonian Ministry of Defense made this announcement on Tuesday, emphasizing the urgent need for air defense capabilities in Ukraine to counter Russia’s continued aggression.

Minister of Defense Hanno Pevkur highlighted the strategic significance of this aid, stating that it serves Estonia’s direct security interests to contribute to Ukraine’s defense efforts alongside its allies.

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The aid package has been carefully designed to maximize benefits for Ukraine while ensuring that Estonia’s own defense readiness is not compromised. Pevkur also noted that Estonia plans to replenish its supplies as quickly as possible.

While the exact quantities of the Mistral systems and missiles being sent have not been disclosed for security reasons, this contribution represents a significant boost to Ukraine’s air defense capabilities.

The Mistral is a short-range, man-portable air defense system (MANPADS) known for its effectiveness against various aerial threats, including aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

This latest contribution adds to Estonia’s already substantial military aid to Ukraine. Previously, Estonia has provided a wide range of military equipment and supplies, including Javelin anti-tank missile systems, howitzers, artillery ammunition, anti-tank mines, grenade launchers, mortars, vehicles, communication equipment, and medical supplies.

Estonia has also participated in joint efforts with other countries to provide field hospitals and other forms of assistance, demonstrating its continued commitment to supporting Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression.

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