ThyssenKrupp Delivers MEKO Frigate to Egyptian Navy

ThyssenKrupp Delivers MEKO Frigate to Egyptian Navy

In a historic ceremony on December 15 in Bremerhaven, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems achieved a significant milestone by delivering the third MEKO A-200 EN frigate, known as AL-QADEER, to the Egyptian Navy. The seamless progression of this project, initiated under a contract awarded in 2018, highlights the robust collaboration between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Swift Construction Timeline

AL-QADEER’s construction journey commenced in autumn 2020, with key milestones including the first steel cutting, keel laying in March 2021, launching in April 2022, and official naming in October 2022. The noteworthy completion of this cutting-edge frigate, just six months after the handover of its predecessor, ‘AL-QAHHAR,’ underscores the efficiency and expertise of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

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Vice Admiral Atwa Commends Cooperation

Vice Admiral Ashraf Ibrahim Atwa, Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Navy, expressed pride in the rapid acquisition of three MEKO A-200 frigates—AL-AZIZ, AL-QAHHAR, and AL-QADEER—within a remarkably short span of 14 months. These successive handovers serve as tangible evidence of the depth of cooperation and friendship between the two nations.

Burkhard Highlights Completion Milestone

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems’ CEO, Oliver Burkhard, underscored the significance of the occasion, stating that the handover officially completes the construction of the frigates in Germany. Notably, the fourth frigate is currently taking shape at the Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt, exemplifying the continued partnership between ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and the Egyptian Navy.

Advancing Naval Capabilities

The MEKO A-200 frigates form part of a four-vessel contract designed to bolster the naval capabilities of the Egyptian Navy. This collaborative effort showcases the successful integration of German engineering prowess with the strategic maritime needs of Egypt.

Towards Future Modernization

As ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems progresses with the construction of the fourth frigate, the punctual deliveries and advanced capabilities of the MEKO A-200 series play a pivotal role in the modernization and fortification of the Egyptian Navy’s fleet. This successful partnership serves as a testament to the commitment to excellence in naval technology and underscores the importance of international collaboration in advancing maritime capabilities.

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