They deny when they believe | DEFEST EXPO 2024

They deny when they believe | DEFEST EXPO 2024

Correspondents: JAANUS VOGELBERG, Martha-Beryl Grauberg, Loora-Elisabet Lomp, are they expressing the opinion of the Ministry of Defence? Or authorised persons from the Ministry of Defence? We have not received an official letter from the Estonian Ministry of Defence.

What do the publishers rely on? If there is no source and no official statement of such level, we will consider the information unreliable.

In the article posted on and on

False and unprofessional information, a program to discredit the event, which has been taking shape since January 2024. To me, it reminds me more of a kind of caprice, which in retaliation once again thanked the agencies and services as a sign of respect for their labor. We meant thanking the agencies and more importantly, the people who maintain order, uphold the law, and preserve the values of democracy. We did not mention the names and surnames of the heads of departments, we mentioned the departments that have decent people with whom we communicated and who warmly treated us with understanding and moral support.

It has been a strange feeling since January 2024, when we have to justify ourselves for thanking the fact that we promote the glorification of the Estonian police, firefighters, military medics, and army – free of charge, at our own personal expense, without taking a single euro from the state.

Who will answer the question: how are children and pensioners protected in case of military action or terrorist acts? 99% of people do not see this unified synchronization of the army, special services, and the people.

And now, in order and as they say, “I didn’t start it.»

Those who compiled this article aimed at discrediting the event are not the organizers of events in their field and have no right to interfere in the organization processes, let alone teach us what and how to do. This is already too much. The exhibition is just a few days away, and the nerves of the instigators of this story are noticeably fraying.

The campaign to discredit the event began with a fabricated case against me in 2010, where I was accused of something I didn’t do. This story, due to the statute of limitations, should have been forgotten by such media outlets as DELFI, Äripäev, as well as by the courts, but they haven’t forgotten, and they have no intention of forgetting indefinitely, which violates my rights.

(There is official confirmation of this.) The investigative authorities fabricated the case, and now interested parties in sabotaging the event manipulate this as a pretext for casting doubt on me as an organizer or as a person with a fabricated history. The scenario is played out to the letter, but it’s primitive. Who did this? Some individuals whose main concern was to receive promotions and praise from their superiors for a high-profile case, without any regard for the life they decided to ruin. This is all provable. I didn’t admit guilt in this case; I was judged without direct evidence of my guilt. I have a copy of the prosecutor’s indictment in my hands and can provide it at any time if anyone needs to know the truth about this case.

On one hand, there’s the demonstration of unity among the people and all services, departments in the defense and security sector, and on the other, there’s intrigue aimed at disrupting the event. Why don’t state structures delve into the problem that I didn’t create and fix it? It’s easier to deliberately pressurize and seek the event’s failure. It turns out just like that.

In my view, there’s a straightforward explanation here: a private individual, a citizen of Ukraine, with experience and a portfolio of notable projects in event organization, such as LUXURY Temptation 2008 (Kyiv, Ukraine), IGExpo INTERGAME 2013 (Tallinn, Estonia), GREENEXPO 2022, 2023 (Tallinn, Estonia), professionally approached the project organization and began implementing his idea, aimed at synchronizing services and departments in the defense and security sector with the population of participating countries, thereby attempting to save lives in case of military actions or terrorist attacks. It’s a righteous and noble cause. And what have you, the real author of the article, done with your own means?

Do you want to organize a similar event yourself? What’s stopping you? Offer a better solution. Believe me, I won’t search for a black cat in a dark room.

Regarding the use of images of Estonian police officers and military personnel, which are publicly available. In videos and social media posts, heroism and dedication, honor, and respect for the heroes of the Estonian police and Ministry of Defense are showcased. I tried to forget past unjustified accusations from the police because there are higher goals above personal grievances and proposed promoting the daily heroism of people who often undeservedly remain in the shadows during event organization. Someone had to do this earlier. Do you think it’s unfair? Fine, let’s glorify other armies and police officers from other countries. I haven’t seen in the media for a long time that they talk about heroes who quietly and unnoticed perform feats every day. And we took it upon ourselves to tell and show. Is that a crime? Once again, I apologize for thanking Estonian services and departments instead of others. I promise this won’t happen again.

What does Eesti Näituste have to do with this? This is the venue where the First International Defense and Security Exhibition will take place. There’s no need to interfere in the organization process. You have no right to do so, none whatsoever. After all, I don’t interfere in your processes, such as how to print and what to print and under whose orders. I can only respond to what you write or take legal action for slander and infliction of moral and material damage.

In the penultimate letter that we sent to participants, there were words of gratitude to all departments for their understanding and support. Here’s the text from the letter in English:

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«Dear Participants,

We extend our sincere appreciation for recognizing the significance of DEFEST EXPO 2024 and for the substantial support rendered by the following esteemed organizations:

Republic of Estonia Ministry of Defence,  Ministry of the Interior,   Estonian Police and Border Guard Board,  Estonian Defence Forces,  Estonian Internal Security Service, Estonian Rescue Board,  Estonian Defence League, Republic of Estonia Government,   Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association

The primary objective of DEFEST EXPO 2024 is to amalgamate professionalism and dedication within the realm of defense and security, showcasing seamless cooperation during critical scenarios to our participating nations’ populace. This endeavor stands as a pivotal measure in safeguarding the interests of our respective peoples. It is through collective effort that we fortify our defenses and ensure safety.»

What’s wrong with that? Is it considered bad and poorly organized just because it supports peace, order, and democracy? Who are you, and whose side are you on?

What exactly is the support, and what exactly is the understanding? Understanding means that practically all state departments from the list initially responded positively to participation, and then suddenly changed their minds without explaining the reason. Just silence and no feedback. Sorry if we can’t keep up with the decisions of these departments. And we need to directly say what the reason is for such changeable opinions. What do you think? Maybe it’s just too shameful to admit that they found a pretext, and such an obvious one, but lacking the courage to acknowledge its mistake and apologize?

Is it official support, as posted on the event’s website, or human support? We were supported humanely, and professionals in their field supported us. Where’s the lie? Again, there is no support from the departments listed on the event’s website. Is this our oversight? It’s not us who should be ashamed, but those who participate in this game.

My international partners from the Middle East and the USA are very surprised by such covert bullying of an event aimed at improving the country’s and the region’s image, and most importantly, at saving the lives of the population of participating countries. Undoubtedly, one can ignore this and live in their own world. Everything is very strange, gentlemen. Or simply criticize without making any effort, and perhaps out of sheer envy.

This is our response to the publisher regarding the origin of these articles in Postimees. I immediately understood that a specific order was being prepared based on the nature of the questions. The questions seemed tailored. Please pay attention to question 5. Here is what we answered to the 6 questions from Ärigeenius sent to  Martha Beryl-Grauberg to this address

Below are the responses to the questions you provided:

1) What event is this and how did you come to organize it?

The main goal of DEFEST EXPO 2024 is to bring together industry professionals, experts, B2B partners, politicians to showcase themselves to the public, introduce the latest equipment and services, develop international relations, and create collaboration opportunities between different countries and sectors. Given the relevance of the theme, the need to strengthen national defense, and support various defense solutions, the DEFEST EXPO 2024 exhibition was initiated. Despite all the difficulties we encountered during the organization process, we managed to find a common understanding of the importance of the event with companies that share our common values and are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

2) Who is the target audience of the event?

Private and state-owned companies operating in the defense and security sector. DEFEST EXPO 2024 is aimed at business clients, policymakers, and active citizens for whom their own and national security is important.

3) How many participants have registered so far and from which countries?

The final list will be displayed at the end of April.

4) How many representatives from Estonia are there and from which fields?

The currently registered list shows participating countries and fields.

5) Who are the representatives of the event mentioned on the website: S. G. S. – EXPO, s.r.o., UAB “Autare,” and International Defence Analysis (IDA)?

  •    S.G.S. – EXPO agency, which seeks participants for the event from Slovakia.
  •    UAB “Autare” – an agency that seeks participants from Lithuania.
  •    International Defence Analysis (IDA) – the largest marketing platform that promotes the world’s leading defense industry events and the DEFEST EXPO exhibition through social networks.

6) Who from Estonia is involved in the organization? With such a thematic event, there is a question about whether Estonian authorities are participating or supporting in any way? Are Estonian specialists participating in panels, etc.?

Estonian government agencies do not support the current event for reasons known only to them. All organizations and institutions have been informed, and relevant cooperation proposals and invitations have been sent to them.

Best regards,

Defest Expo 2024 Team


And compare what they write after our answers

Is this correct? This is not normal; it completely discredits journalistic ethics. It’s an obvious provocation and manipulation of information.

Participants from many countries around the world are interested in our event, and everyone is asking: what is happening in terms of the state’s attitude towards such a significant event? We respond: everything is fine, we are understood and morally supported. It’s unpleasant for me to say that we are not supported, not understood, and there’s silence with no explanation. It doesn’t look good. The theme is right and humane; government structures haven’t helped with a single euro, but they’ve done everything to harm us.

Yes, I inform you, all participants are genuine, and it’s a blatant audacity of those behind this article. Due to the prolonged harassment of the event, and even calls to participants with recommendations not to participate, which we published, we had to remove some participants as it was painful for me as the organizer of this event. Also, some participants we don’t publish because we know that our “friends who understand and support” will call them at such a crucial moment.

Following the exhibition, if we weren’t hindered so fiercely and actively, substantial investments would have come into the country, and a significant number of jobs would have been created.

Almost every day we face a situation like this: a participant registers, we discuss all the organization’s issues, and then, a day after we publish the company’s name on the event’s website, the participant calls or writes to us and refuses to participate because they were not recommended to participate. 90% didn’t say who gave such a recommendation, but there are those with honor and duty in their veins who told us where the wind blows from. Shame on those who work against their own people.

Once again, thank you for your understanding, support, and free advertising for the event. At least some benefit. I’m very glad that people who they really are and who’s in the game have finally shown themselves. Every day you do a “good deed,” trying to disrupt an event that can save lives. Due to such “good” initiative, police officers, firefighters, military medics, rocket engine manufacturers, and many others who were willing to demonstrate all their knowledge and skills for the people agreed and then refused. But for whom you’re trying, I’m not entirely sure. Although it’s clear, but people will draw their own conclusions.

Ask yourself honestly: for whom are you trying to sabotage the exhibition?

  • One that demonstrates the unity of the people and the military, showcasing the various ways in which the population can interact with different services.
  • One that could potentially attract substantial investments to the country.
  • One that could help create additional jobs in this challenging time for the country.
  • And finally, one that educates people as much as possible and saves at least one life. For example, children and pensioners don’t know how to defend themselves.

And also, questions for the Ministry of Defense:

  • What has the ministry done to ensure the exhibition takes place?
  • What was the financial cost to the ministry for organizing this event, which aids the ministry and promotes the goals of unity among the people, the military, and all defense and security services?

Taking this opportunity, I want to express gratitude to those participants who do not heed this incredible story without logical reasoning and respond only to a sensible understanding of the situation in the world, who think about their duty and honor, and will participate in the First International Exhibition in the Baltic countries DEFEST EXPO 2024.

In this lengthy letter, I want to express the whole chain of events as it is and I am tired of keeping silent, trying not to offend anyone. This should have been done in January.

If I need to answer the questions that will be posted in your media, I refuse and warn in advance. For me now, Postimees, Estonian DELFI, Äripäev, and especially Ärigeenius, with whom I no longer communicate and do not intend to do so in the future until they correct their mistakes. It would be better for other media outlets in Germany, the Middle East, the USA, and other countries, which actually want to understand the truth, to learn about this sabotage. It’s humiliating and painful to respond to such absurd articles like yours.

Wars are ongoing, economic crises, tensions in the world are worsening every day, and I am simply harassed and obstructed from organizing a beneficial event aimed at the unity of the state and the people. With such foolish messages and unprofessional approaches, it is neither solid nor serious and does not honor those who ordered this article and all the intrigue surrounding this event.

I return to the project and will work with it until the end. Since January, I have not been actively involved in the project but have only provided consulting services. So, again, I thank you for not letting your unprofessional conclusions divert from the right path.

Huge thanks to the team with whom we will have to work a lot and productively now and in the future. Special thanks to my media partners International Defence Analysis (IDA). They are patient and wise people, and above all, professionals in their field, and they have never doubted this event and me personally. And also, I thank the people for their support and understanding in those ministries and organizations that oppose DEFEST EXPO 2024. People are everywhere, and heroes too, and this is now a great value.

There is very little time left before the start of the event. I invite you to look into each other’s eyes as men, honestly, and participate in the exhibition. Unity of purpose, preserving the lives of nations – above all!

With respect for the country and the people of Estonia.

Project Developer and Organizer

Dmytro Dolgii

“You can see me tired, You can see me broken, You can see me failed, but you will never ever see me giving up.»

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