DEFEST Expo 2024 Tallinn Estonia

DEFEST Expo 2024 Tallinn Estonia

The DEFEST Expo 2024, the inaugural international defense and security fair, is set to captivate Tallinn, Estonia, from May 2nd to May 4th at the esteemed Estonian Exhibition Center.

DEFEST Expo 2024: An Overview

DEFEST EXPO 2024 aims to unite industry professionals, offering a platform to unveil cutting-edge equipment and services while enhancing public visibility, fostering international relations, and cultivating collaboration across sectors and nations.

The imperative to fortify national defense and innovate solutions catalyzed the inception of DEFEST EXPO 2024.

Invitation to DEFEST EXPO 2024

Defest Expo invite your company to partake in this paramount event, set to host an international defense investment forum, exploring novel pathways for Northern Europe’s defense industry development.

Participation and Thematic Focus

Companies specializing in defense technology, national security, air, land, and maritime defense, among other domains, are encouraged to engage at DEFEST EXPO 2024.

The event encompasses thematic areas dedicated to varied facets of defense, catering to both business clients and homeowners.

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VIP Package Highlights

Elevate your experience with the VIP package offering exclusive perks like unrestricted access, key player networking, VIP zone parking, closed VIP events, a dedicated meeting area, and live forum streaming.

Forum Insights

The DEFEST Expo 2024 forum concentrates on global security, defense industry roles in international peace, showcasing innovations, and facilitating collaboration and investments.

Key Forum Topics

The forum agenda encompasses diverse themes including cybersecurity, innovations in defense, small enterprise roles, climate change impact, and the role of women in the defense industry.

Opportunities to Participate

For those interested in contributing as speakers, there’s an opportunity to propose forum topics and participate through the provided form on the DEFEST Expo 2024 website.

DEFEST Expo areas related to defense:

Civil Defense and Security Exhibits

An array of exhibits will cover civil defense, national security, surveillance systems, combating terrorism, transportation security, and territorial defense units.

Air, Land, and Naval Defense Displays

The event promises displays of defense technologies, communication systems, aircraft, air defense, monitoring, and control systems.

Weapons, Ammunition, and Cyber Security

Exhibitions will feature military equipment, armaments, cyber and space security, AI applications, digital networks, and more.

DEFEST Expo 2024 is poised to become a pivotal platform for forging new partnerships, fostering agreements, and bolstering economic growth in the defense industry.

Defest welcome your participation in this influential event, collectively contributing to global security and stability.

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