Royal Thai Army Receives 12 More VT4 Main Battle Tanks

Royal Thai Army Receives 12 More VT4 Main Battle Tanks

The Royal Thai Army recently expanded its fleet of VT4 main battle tanks, recently the Royal Thai Army Receives 12 More VT4 Main Battle Tanks. The VT4 acquisition highlights ongoing collaboration between China and Thailand while boosting Thailand’s armored capabilities.

Strengthening 6th Cavalry Battalion

A ceremony marked the 6th Cavalry Battalion’s reception of the new VT4s. The tanks bear nameplates honoring ancient Thai artillery, connecting today’s armored force to the country’s past.

The delivery comes right after the 21st Cavalry Battalion received 5 VT4s in late September. Thailand’s armored power has swiftly grown with 17 new VT4s in just weeks.

Ongoing China-Thailand Defense Ties

China has partnered with Thailand on the VT4 program through several phases since 2016. To date, over 70 VT4s have been delivered to the Royal Thai Army.

The continued VT4 acquisitions showcase growing defense technology ties between the two countries. China provides advanced hardware while generating export sales.

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VT4 Capabilities and Features

The VT4 incorporates technologies from China’s newest Type 96B and Type 99A tanks. Key capabilities include:

  • 125mm smoothbore gun effective against armor and infantry
  • Remote weapon station with 12.7mm machine gun
  • Hunter-killer fire control system and advanced optics
  • Composite and explosive reactive armor protection
  • 1,300hp engine enabling high mobility

These features make the VT4 a highly lethal and survivable main battle tank for Thailand’s army. The VT4 modernizes Thailand’s armored corps with new-generation Chinese systems.

Bolstering Regional Defense Posture

With its fleet of VT4s expanding, Thailand aims to strengthen its regional defensive posture. The additional tanks provide armored deterrence and counterbalance other powers’ capabilities.

The accelerated VT4 deliveries showcase Thailand’s commitment to enhancing its military potential even during economic challenges. Robust armor remains a priority for the country.

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