Estonia Buys Otokar ARMA APC in $130M Deal

Estonia Buys Otokar ARMA APC in $130M Deal

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) has awarded Turkish manufacturer Otokar a major contract for ARMA 6×6 armored personnel carriers (APC). The approximately $130 million agreement will see deliveries commence in late 2024. Let’s Explore Estonia buys $130M Otokar ARMA APC Deal.

Details of the ARMA 6×6 Deal

The deal with Otokar covers an undisclosed number of ARMA 6×6 vehicles along with maintenance equipment and training services. Deliveries to Estonia will take place between late 2024 and 2025.

The contract was signed after the ARMA 6×6 excelled in Estonian defense force evaluations against competing platforms. Its technical attributes and combat-proven record stood out.

Expanding Estonia’s Armored Fleet

The new ARMA 6x6s will bolster Estonia’s fleet of armored vehicles. The capable and battle-tested ARMAs will provide essential mobility and protection for Estonian troops.

Estonia is the second NATO member to acquire the Turkish-made ARMA after the US purchased vehicles for allied Syrian forces. The platform is in service worldwide across various climates and terrain.

Highlighting Turkey-Estonia Defense Ties

The deal builds on expanded defense industry cooperation between Turkey and Estonia. It comes after a defense cooperation protocol was signed by the countries’ defense ministers.

As NATO allies, the agreement and Otokar contract reflect closer strategic ties. Turkey gains an export customer while Estonia strengthens its military.

ARMA 6×6 Capabilities

The ARMA 6×6 delivers excellent mobility plus high levels of ballistic and mine protection. The amphibious vehicle can integrate remote weapons stations and carry up to 21 equipped soldiers.

With its modular design, the ARMA can be adapted for needs from troop transport to command vehicle. It provides Estonia with a versatile, survivable armored vehicle proven in action.

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The Otokar ARMA order reinforces Estonia’s armored capabilities while underscoring growing Turkey-Estonia defense collaboration. The contract represents a win for both countries.

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