China Advances Navy with Type 093B Submarine and Type 054B

China Advances Navy with Type 093B Submarine and Type 054B

China has recently unveiled a model of the Type 093B nuclear submarine, showcasing significant advancements in naval technology. The submarine, with a displacement of 6,200 tons, features an 18-unit underwater heavy vertical launch system.

This revelation comes alongside other developments in China’s naval forces, including progress on the Fujian carrier and Type 076 amphibious assault ship.

The detailed model, produced by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), suggests that the submarine has likely achieved a certain level of combat readiness.

The Type 093B submarine boasts impressive specifications, including a length of 126 meters, a width of 11 meters, and a submerged speed of 30 knots. Its streamlined, teardrop-shaped design incorporates advanced features such as an integrated sonar base station, a conning tower rudder integrated optical mast, and a ducted pump-jet propulsion system.

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The submarine’s vertical launch system is believed to be equipped with missiles having a range of 2,500 kilometers, possibly the latest submarine-launched version of the YJ-21 missile.

Concurrent with the submarine developments, China’s Type 054B frigate has begun sea trials. The frigate was spotted during a chance encounter at sea, revealing its sleek design which some observers have likened to European frigates.

Notable features include phased array radar on the main mast, an integrated secondary mast, and a distinctive 100mm “sliced bun” main gun on the bow. The sea trials are being conducted discreetly, indicating the strategic importance of this new vessel to China’s naval capabilities.

These developments in submarine and surface ship technology signify China’s continuing efforts to modernize and expand its naval forces. The Type 093B submarine, with its advanced missile capabilities, could potentially challenge carrier groups at extended ranges.

Meanwhile, the Type 054B frigate, while limited in production numbers, is likely serving as a testbed for technologies that may be incorporated into future destroyer and frigate designs. These advancements underscore China’s growing ability to project power in blue-water operations and its ambition to field a world-class navy.

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