MBDA Unveils LCM System With Deep Precision Strike Capabilities

MBDA Unveils LCM System With Deep Precision Strike Capabilities

European missile maker MBDA Unveils LCM System With Deep Precision Strike Capabilities designed to meet evolving battlefield needs. The LCM builds on MBDA’s expertise in deep precision strike weaponry and is based on the combat-proven Naval Cruise Missile (NCM) used by the French Navy.

The LCM represents a unique European sovereign solution for a long-range, ground-launched cruise missile system entirely designed, produced, and assembled in Europe. Countries operating the NCM and LCM will possess an exclusive deep precision strike capability from under the sea, surface vessels, and ground platforms.

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“The Land Cruise Missile system complements our comprehensive portfolio of decisive European solutions, Building on the Naval Cruise Missile’s track record, we can cover the full spectrum of customer requirements while ensuring battle-readiness across our deep strike systems.”

said MBDA CEO Eric Béranger.

Key LCM Capabilities

Like the NCM, the Land Cruise Missile offers:

  • Metric precision at extremely long ranges
  • High survivability against integrated air defenses via low radar cross-section and terrain-following
  • Potent lethality against targets
  • Synchronized time-on-target strikes as demonstrated by the French Navy in April 2024

The ground-launched LCM enables ground forces to threaten high-value enemy assets from land platforms, deterring aggressive actions. MBDA will provide an integrated LCM system including mission planning and survivable, reactive ground launchers for high-intensity combat.The company will showcase the LCM for the first time at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition in Paris from June 17-21.

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