Embraer Delivers Enhanced E-99 AEW&C to Brazilian Air Force

Embraer Delivers Enhanced E-99 AEW&C to Brazilian Air Force

Brazilian aerospace leader Embraer recently delivered the fifth upgraded E-99 early warning and control aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force. The advanced E-99M configuration significantly boosts Brazil’s aerial surveillance and defense management capacities.

Bolstering National Airspace Monitoring

The adapted E-99 platform builds on Embraer’s proven ERJ 145 jetliner, optimized for carrying powerful radars and command and control systems operated by the Brazilian military.

Upgrades like improved radars and communications enable the E-99M to better detect potential airspace intrusions, vector fighter interceptions, and transmit data across friendly forces.

Enhanced Sensing and Connectivity

Embraer integrated cutting-edge upgrades into the new E-99M variant centered on maximizing sensor coverage and data sharing.

This includes a modernized Erieye AESA radar for superior air tracking, updated electronic support measures, enhanced datalinks, and new radios with VOIP abilities.

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Streamlined Control and Coordination

The newly redesigned interior of the facility enables seamless collaboration among five operator stations, with ergonomically optimized consoles that enhance workflow efficiency.

Critical improvements also encompass installing digital recorders, integrating equipment controls, and implementing intuitive interfaces – all aimed at optimizing situational awareness and response times.

Validating Performance Before Widespread Upgrades

As the first example delivered in the final E-99M configuration, the aircraft will help validate total system functionality before updating Brazil’s four earlier airframes to the new standard.

This ensures Embraer fulfills requirements set by Brazil’s COPAC fighter program committee overseeing the project.

Expanding Regional Aerospace Capabilities

Beyond the digital upgrades performed by lead contractor Embraer, Brazilian firms Atech and Aeroelectronica International made significant contributions integrating national subsystems.

Enhancing the E-99 demonstrates Brazil’s continually growing expertise in designing and manufacturing advanced defense electronics.

Global Platform Appeal

Embraer’s proven E-99 also serves in the air forces of Greece, India, and Mexico – highlighting its attractive combination of reasonable costs and powerful mission abilities.

Delivering the lead upgraded variant to Brazil cements Embraer’s reputation for providing customers highly flexible solutions adaptable to specific applications.

With its latest delivery, Embraer reaffirms its commitment to equipping Brazil’s military with robust technologies that secure the nation’s sovereign airspace from intrusions. The enhanced E-99M sets a new bar for accomplishing critical early warning and control missions.

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