Turkish Corvette Engages in Joint Training with Bangladesh Navy

Turkish Corvette Engages in Joint Training with Bangladesh Navy

The TCG Kinalıada corvette, the fourth ship of the Ada class of the Turkish navy, conducted “transit training” in the Bay of Bengal with a Bangladeshi naval vessel, according to the Turkish National Defense Ministry on Sunday.

“Our TCG KINALIADA corvette, which continues its voyage to Japan, carried out ‘Transition Training’ with the BNS PROTTASHA corvette from the Bangladesh Naval Forces Command,” the ministry stated on X, formerly Twitter, sharing photos of the ships at sea.

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Part of Centennial Voyage to Japan

This joint training occurred as part of the TCG Kinalıada’s ongoing long-distance deployment voyage to Japan to mark the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Japan. The corvette, named after an island near Istanbul, embarked on April 8th.

In addition to strengthening ties with Japan, the 4-month voyage aims to boost the Turkish Navy’s visibility and promote its national shipbuilding capabilities. The Kinalıada has made several port visits already, including Mogadishu, Somalia and Male, Maldives in early May.

24 Port Visits in 20 Countries

The warship is set to visit 24 ports across 20 countries before arriving in Japan. This ultra-long-range deployment highlights the Turkish Navy’s bluewater naval capabilities and power projection.

The voyage also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Turkey and Japan in 1924, when Tokyo ratified the Treaty of Lausanne. Turkey opened its first diplomatic representation in Japan a year later in 1925.

Ada-Class Corvette Capabilities

The Ada-class corvettes like the TCG Kinalıada are among the most advanced surface combatants in the Turkish Navy. The 99 meter, 2,400 ton ships are equipped with a 76mm main gun, anti-ship missiles, torpedo tubes, and a CESSM helicopter flight deck.

Their sensor suite includes 3D air/surface search radar, fire control radar, and sonar systems. The ships are also fitted with the latest electronic warfare and communications systems.

The Ada class is one of the most potent corvette designs in service today. The Kinalıada’s historic deployment to the Indo-Pacific showcases Turkey’s maritime capabilities and commitment to developing its naval forces as a key part of its defense strategy.

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