Turkish Unmanned Land Vehicle Barkan Upgrades Payload System

Turkish Unmanned Land Vehicle Barkan Upgrades Payload System

Turkey’s defense industry is integrating various domestic capabilities onto shared platforms, creating new solutions for security forces. One such effort has equipped the homegrown Barkan unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) with new payloads.

The Barkan medium class Level 1 UGV, developed by Havelsan as part of the “digital unity” concept, recently received a new remotely operated weapon station and automatic grenade launcher system.

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Trakon Lite RWS Integration

In this upgrade, the 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (RDS40-AGL) produced by Repkon Defence was integrated onto Barkan via the Trakon Lite Remote Controlled Weapon Station from Unirobotics.

After installation, Barkan was tested with its new armament in various environments and performed successfully. The integration adds significant offensive capability to the UGV.

Barkan UGV Capabilities

Barkan entered service with Turkish security forces at the end of 2023 after extensive field testing. The UGV is designed to operate in difficult terrain and harsh weather while eliminating asymmetric threats.

It increases combat effectiveness for high risk missions requiring agility. Barkan can reach over 13 km/h (8 mph) with an endurance exceeding 5 hours on a single charge.

RDS40-AGL System

The 40mm RDS40-AGL automatic grenade launcher system fires 40x53mm ammunition and offers user friendly ergonomics, reliability and durability compared to other designs.

It provides Barkan with an accurate, mobile indirect fire support capability ideal for engaging targets in defilade, structures or for counter-defilade fire missions.

The integration of these new domestic weapon systems demonstrates the maturity of Turkey’s defense industrial base and ability to deliver diverse multi domain unmanned system capabilities indigenously.

Barkan and its new payloads will enhance the mobile firepower and force protection for Turkish security forces in various missions and operational scenarios. The modular design allows for future payloads and technology refreshes.

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