TF6000 Turbofan Engine Launch for ANKA-3 and KIZILELMA

TF6000 Turbofan Engine Launch for ANKA-3 and KIZILELMA

Turkiye has achieved a significant milestone in aviation with the successful launch of the TF6000 for ANKA-3 and KIZILELMA, its first domestically produced turbofan aircraft engine. This engine will power Turkiye’s unmanned aircraft, including the ANKA-3 and KIZILELMA, marking a momentous development in the country’s defense and aviation capabilities.

Leadership and Collaboration in Engine Development

Under the guidance of the Presidency of Defence Industries of Turkiye (PDI) and the diligent efforts of TEI, the production of the TF6000 military turbofan engine has commenced successfully. SSB President Görgün expressed his views on this crucial achievement, highlighting the TF6000’s role in powering advanced aircraft like the KIZILELMA and ANKA-3.

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Significance of TF6000 in Turkiye’s Aviation Progress

The TF6000 represents Turkiye’s first military turbofan engine designed with advanced capabilities suitable for military aircraft. This engine not only signifies a technological leap but also serves as a stepping stone towards the development of the National Fighter Aircraft KAAN. Through the TF6000 Project, Turkiye aims to acquire critical technology, advance domestic sub-industry capabilities, and foster skilled manpower in the aviation sector.

Milestone in Turkish Aviation History

The successful operation of the TF6000 in indigenous engine test systems reflects Turkiye’s commitment to self-reliance and innovation in aviation. Congratulations were extended to all those involved in the project, particularly engineers and technical teams, highlighting the collective effort behind this historic milestone in Turkish aviation history.


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