Russian Strikes on Any Ukrainian Airfields Built for F-16 Jets

Russian Strikes on Any Ukrainian Airfields Built for F-16 Jets

Russia has strongly warned that it will carry out targeted strikes to destroy any airfields or supporting infrastructure built by Ukraine to host F-16 fighter jets supplied by Western military allies. Now let’s explore why Russian Strikes on Any Ukrainian Airfields Built for F-16 Jets.

If they start to build it all, Russia will not turn a blind eye to it. The Russian Armed Forces will simply wait until the construction work reaches a certain point and then carry out strikes [to destroy what’s been built].

retired Russian Colonel Viktor Litovkin stated, as reported by the state-run TASS news agency.

Litovkin explained operating F-16s requires extensive facilities and systems Ukraine currently lacks. This includes properly equipped concrete runways, advanced radar stations for navigation and threat detection, specialized maintenance hangars and equipment, aviation fuel storage and purification systems, and fortified underground storage for air-to-air missiles.

He asserted Russia would closely monitor any construction of these assets by Ukrainian forces and launch attacks at an opportune time during the build process before they become operational. “The Russian military will not allow Ukrainians to build up any combat infrastructure on their territory without consequences,” Litovkin warned.

His remarks follow the Netherlands and Denmark recently committing to supply Ukraine with up to 42 F-16 fighter jets, a move endorsed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his high-profile tour of European capitals last week.

Ukraine F16 Deal is Here: Netherlands and Denmark Pledge Up to 61 F-16s to Ukraine

However, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force downplayed concerns about seamlessly integrating the F-16s into existing infrastructure.

Most of our military airfields have a runway made of concrete slabs. There are seams that need to be ironed. If you properly prepare those runways, then there will be no problems in general.

he said, as quoted by the state-run Ukrinform news agency.

While acknowledging minor airfield upgrades would be prudent, he stated most Ukrainian military runways could support the advanced fourth-generation jets without issue. But protecting the fighters while based in Ukraine as fighting continues posed a larger logistical challenge that would have to be managed, he conceded.

The war of words highlights the escalating tensions as Ukraine aggressively pushes for more advanced weapons from Western suppliers, while Russia attempts to undermine or disrupt such efforts through direct threats. The heated rhetoric underscores the extremely high stakes involved in introducing new military technology into the year-long conflict.

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