EDGE Unveils New Reach-M Armed MALE Drone at Dubai Airshow

EDGE Unveils New Reach-M Armed MALE Drone at Dubai Airshow

At the recent Dubai Airshow, EDGE Unveils New Reach-M Armed MALE Drone at Dubai Airshow. The new UAS exemplifies the UAE’s expanding domestic defense industry capabilities. Let’s Explore this drone.

Enhanced Capabilities Over Reach-S

The twin-boom Reach-M builds on EDGE’s smaller Reach-S MALE UAV first revealed in February 2023. With its 1,500 kg max takeoff weight and 350 kg payload, the Reach-M offers greater size and capacity compared to the 640kg Reach-S.

Key attributes include a 170-180 km/h top speed, 24 hour endurance, and 26,000 foot ceiling – all improvements over its predecessor. The upgrades enable expanded mission scopes for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

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Armed ISR and Precision Strike Potential

A diverse range of armaments displayed with the Reach-M highlight its potential as an armed ISR platform. Radar-guided bombs, precision glide munitions, and air-to-ground missiles were shown integrated.

With these weapons and its advanced sensors, the Reach-M could provide lethal strike options following target identification at long standoff ranges. Its guided bomb and missile arsenal delivers precision effects.

Advanced Features for UAE’s Requirements

The Reach-M incorporates features tailored to UAE operational needs. Its long endurance enables persistent coverage of areas of interest. Meanwhile, its variety of ISR sensors combined with precision strike capabilities allow the UAE to field an effective unmanned hunter-killer asset.

EDGE designed the system around these requirements to meet the UAE’s strategic needs and promote defense self-sufficiency.

Strengthening the UAE’s Defense Industry

The new MALE UAS was developed entirely by EDGE subsidiary Halcon. EDGE is actively cultivating the UAE’s domestic defense industry and export potential.

By creating indigenous systems like the Reach-M rather than importing them, EDGE is helping the UAE build expertise in next-generation technologies including armed drones.

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