MBDA Qualifies GRIFO Air Defense System for Italian Army

MBDA Qualifies GRIFO Air Defense System for Italian Army

Defense firm MBDA has completed a critical qualification firing for the Italian Army’s new GRIFO short-range air defense system featuring the advanced CAMM-ER (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile Extended Range) missile. This milestone marks a major step forward in enhancing Italy’s ground-based air defense capabilities as part of the Enhanced Modular Air Defence Solutions (EMADS) program.

During the live-fire tests, the GRIFO system successfully detected, tracked and engaged an aerial target drone simulating a hostile aircraft threat. The qualification validated the integration of the GRIFO command post, missile launcher and datalink with the CAMM-ER missile, which accurately neutralized the target.

The GRIFO system incorporates several key components including MBDA’s advanced command and control system, a Rheinmetall Italia 3D radar for detection and tracking, plus an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) subsystem from Leonardo. This modular, mobile architecture provides a robust 360-degree air defense umbrella for ground forces.

ER Extends Air Defense Range

A core feature of the GRIFO solution is the vertically-launched CAMM-ER missile which provides an extended range to counter airborne threats compared to previous Italian short-range air defense systems. The CAMM-ER incorporates advanced active radar seeker, datalink, motor and warhead technologies.

“Successful completion of these qualification tests highlights MBDA’s expertise in developing next-generation air defense capabilities tailored to our European customer’s evolving operational needs,” said Walter Duerrschmidt, MBDA Ground Based Air Defense Systems Director. “CAMM-ER’s extended range provides greater protection for forward-deployed forces.”

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The GRIFO system will equip the Italian Army’s air defense regiments, joining the SAMP/T medium-range system already in service. Its mobility, pinpoint accuracy and ability to counter saturated attacks will enhance ground forces’ self-protection against aerial threats spanning fighter jets, unmanned systems, helicopters and precision-guided munitions.

Part of EMADS Family for NATO Partners

Beyond Italy, GRIFO is part of MBDA’s wider Enhanced Modular Air Defence Solutions family being offered to allied NATO ground forces seeking an upgradable, medium-range air defense capability. Its open architecture supports integration of future sensors and effectors including high energy lasers.

As threats proliferate from both manned and unmanned systems, air defenders require highly mobile systems with multi-mission flexibility to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving battlespace. MBDA’s EMADS family aims to deliver that modernized, layered protection for frontline ground forces across Europe and beyond.

With these successful tests behind them, MBDA is on track to begin deliveries of the GRIFO system to the Italian Army in the very near future, boosting their ability to effectively counter enemy air attack in future operations.

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