Turkish UCAV Aksungur Demonstrates Precision Strike in Drill

Turkish UCAV Aksungur Demonstrates Precision Strike in Drill

Turkey’s indigenous Aksungur medium altitude long endurance unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) successfully struck a target with “pinpoint accuracy” using precision-guided MAM-T munitions during the large-scale Seawolf-II military exercise. The live-fire event demonstrated the combat proven capabilities of the domestically developed armed drone.

“The MAM-T shot from the Aksungur UCAV was carried out with pinpoint accuracy,” Turkey’s Defense Ministry stated via X (formerly Twitter) as the multi-service maritime drills continued in the Mediterranean.

The Aksungur UCAV is produced by leading Turkish aerospace company TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries). Having entered service with the Turkish Naval Forces in late 2021, the unmanned platform is rapidly expanding its operational capabilities.

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UCAV Conducts Maritime Strike Mission

The Seawolf-II exercise running from May 9-18 involves over 15,000 personnel from the Turkish Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. It is designed to test the armed forces’ joint operational readiness in a simulated maritime conflict environment.

During the drills, the Aksungur executed a maritime strike scenario, employing its MAM-T (Münük Avionics Muharip turkish for ‘Winged Warfighter Munition’) precision-guided munitions to hit the target accurately from standoff range.

The MAM-T is a laser-guided bomb produced by leading Turkish defense firm ROKETAN. It can be equipped with different warheads for multi-purpose missions against ground targets, light armored vehicles, radar sites and personnel.

Indigenous UCAV Gaining Combat Capabilities

With its successful target engagement, the Aksungur UCAV once again highlighted the rapid advances in Turkish unmanned combat capabilities driven by domestic defense innovation.

Since entering service, the medium altitude long endurance (MALE) armed drone has expanded its mission sets through integration of new munitions, sensors and datalinks. It now conducts armed reconnaissance, maritime strike and resupply roles with the Turkish Navy.

Powered by an indigenous TEI turbodiesel engine, the Aksungur achieved an endurance milestone of 41 hours during testing a national record. This gives the UCAV a strategic overmatch for persistent intelligence, surveillance, armed reconnaissance and precision strike operations.

The Aksungur is the first indigenously designed and produced UCAV to enter Turkish service, with exports also now underway to allied nations. As Turkey’s premier unmanned combat aircraft system, the Aksungur’s performance in Seawolf-II underscores its rapid evolution into a truly multi-role force multiplier.

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