Iran Reveals Shahed-147 High-Altitude Spy Drone

Iran Reveals Shahed-147 High-Altitude Spy Drone

Iran recently introduced its latest unmanned aerial vehicle, the Shahed-147, a sophisticated high-altitude long-endurance drone developed for surveillance missions. The advanced system highlights Iran’s continually growing domestic defense industry.

Impressive Performance Parameters

Details emerged at a rollout ceremony attended by Iranian defense officials. The sizable Shahed-147 features a 26 meter wingspan allowing extended flight time through improved aerodynamics.

Meanwhile, the drone’s specialized turboprop propulsion system enables operations at ceiling altitudes reaching 60,000 feet for persistent monitoring over vast areas.

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Optimized for ISR Roles

The twin-boom design of the Shahed-147 maximizes internal payload space for the integration of advanced radar and sensor systems used in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance roles.

Notably, engineers incorporated a high-tech synthetic aperture radar able to generate detailed terrain imagery in all weather conditions – a capability leap for Iranian drones.

Expanding the UAS Fleet

The Shahed-147 joins over a dozen other Iranian unmanned aerial system models with diverse designs and capabilities.

From short-range tactical drones to the Simorgh jet-powered UCAV, Iran is proving proficiency in developing unmanned platforms for strategic needs as sanctions place limits on imports.

Achieving Self-Reliance

The growing Iranian UAS inventory symbolizes improving self-sufficiency for the country’s defense establishment in next-generation technologies.

Domestic expertise in areas like aerodynamics, avionics, sensors radars, and advanced composites enables ambitious systems like the Shahed-147.

Deterring Regional Adversaries

Fielding increasingly capable spy drones strengthens Iran’s intelligence gathering and border monitoring abilities to deter potential adversaries.

The Shahed-147’s operational reach ensures comprehensive regional ISR coverage from Iran’s territory for strategic decision-making.

Future UAS Export Potential

If recent sales of Iranian combat drones to Russia offer precedent, the Shahed-147 may also have eventual export appeal.

Countries unwilling or unable to purchase top-tier Global Hawk UAVs could turn to proven Iranian alternatives at lower cost.

The entrance of the Shahed-147 highlights the growing maturity of Iran’s defense industry. Domestically-designed systems like the new drone reduce reliance on other suppliers to enhance national security.

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