Iran Emphasizes Sustainable Security with New Destroyer

Iran Emphasizes Sustainable Security with New Destroyer

Iran’s military leadership recently presided over a ceremony commissioning the latest destroyer to join its naval fleet. The advanced Deylaman ship highlights Iran’s self-sufficiency in constructing sophisticated warships despite international sanctions.

Boosting Defensive Posture

Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces General Mohammad Baqeri hailed the Deylaman as a “masterpiece” strengthening sustainable security through deterrent naval power. Its deployment aims to safeguard interests in the Caspian Sea.

The high-ranking commander stressed the destroyer sends a message of friendship but readiness to regional neighbors as geopolitical tensions simmer.

Cutting-Edge Indigenous Platform

As the 5th destroyer in the homegrown Mowj class, the Deylaman incorporates top-tier radars, defenses, sensors, and propulsion technology created by Iranian engineers.

Capabilities include extended deployment durations, air/surface/undersea threat detection and engagement, and embarked helicopter support.

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Signifying Sanctions Resistance

General Baqeri trumpeted constructing advanced vessels like the Deylaman under severe Western sanctions as proof of Iran’s tech progress and defense sector self-reliance.

Countering restrictions on access to foreign technologies forced Iranian experts to innovate, facilitating achievements.

Foundational Role of Strategic Forces

Navy chief Admiral Shahram Irani noted the Deylaman forms part of Iran’s expanding strategic forces focused on maritime security in crucial zones like the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

These elite capabilities signal Iran’s resolve and skill in protecting territorial waters and regional interests from adversaries.

Ongoing Fleet Expansion Efforts

Admiral Irani also referenced the Navy’s ongoing efforts to field more locally-constructed surface combatants and submarines with sophisticated armaments.

Employing talented personnel and upgrading equipment aim to sustain formidable guardianship of Iranian zones in alignment with national priorities.

The Deylaman’s induction cements Iran’s ascending naval power status and freedom from relying on foreign suppliers for meeting defense technology needs.

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