GIDS to unveil Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile

GIDS to unveil Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile

Pakistan’s Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) to unveil Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX2023), UAE.

Taimoor is a highly precise, long-range & all weather capable Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) that can be deployed in the Air-to-Ground operational role. It is able to carry conventional warheads for land attack and for precise land attack missions, it will incorporate an IIR seeker.

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The weapon can fly very low over ground at a programmable height by reducing the detection probability thus increasing its survivability. It is equipped with warheads designed for lethality against specific targets.

Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile Characteristics

  • Range: 290 KM
  • Warhead Type: Blast Fragmentation, Penetration & Pre-Fragmentation
  • Cruise Speed:  0.7 to 0.8 Mach (450 to 500 knots)
  • Terminal Speed: 0.8 Mach (500 Knots)
  • Cruise Altitude: 2000 – 25000 Ft
  • Navigation System: INS/GNSS
  • Guidance: Midcourse (INS aided with tri-constellation receiver & DSMAC/TERCOM), Terminal (IIR Seeker)
  • Prolusion System: Turbojet
  • Length: 4.38m
  • Weight: 1100kg
  • Wing Span: 3.20m

The world of defense and military technology is constantly evolving, with new innovations and advancements being made every day. One such innovation that is set to take the stage is the Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile, GIDS to unveil Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile at IDEX 2023 UAE.

The development of this missile is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the scientists and engineers at GIDS, who have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the field of air-launched weapons.

With its advanced capabilities and cutting-edge technology, the Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile is sure to become a formidable weapon in the arsenal of any military force that acquires it.

As we look to the future of military technology, it is clear that innovations like the Taimoor Air Launched Cruise Missile will play an important role in shaping the battlefield.

And with GIDS at the forefront of this technological revolution, we can be confident that we will continue to see new and exciting advancements in the field of Pakistan defense for years to come.

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