GIDS to Unveil Shahpar-II Block II

GIDS to Unveil Shahpar-II Block II

Pakistan’s Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) is set to unveil its latest drone, the Shahpar-II block II,at IDEX 2023 UAE, a medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft with armed capability.

The Shahpar-II block II is a significant upgrade to the Shahpar-II system, a successful drone platform that has been in service with the Pakistan Armed Force for many years. The new drone boasts advanced features such as an autonomous take-off and landing system, a robust autopilot scheme, user-friendly and comprehensive mission planning and management software suite, reliable data links, and the capacity to integrate various types of electro-optical (EO) payloads.

GIDS to Unveil Shahpar-II Block II Specifications

Main Features
  • Improved Aerodynamics & Structure
  • Enhanced Payload Options (i.e. COMINT / ELINT, SAR, EO/IR)
  • SATCOM capable
  • Mid-air Engine restart capability
  • Equipped with ATC transponder / Provision of IFF
  • Provision of internal Pilot
  • Enhanced propulsion system
  • Retractable Landing Gears
  • Asymmetric Landing

The Shahpar-II block II is designed for medium altitude, long endurance missions and is capable of carrying weapons. Its modular airframe structural design is made up of advanced composite and metallic hybrid structure, which gives it improved aerodynamic performance. The drone’s hybrid structure also makes it more durable and cost-effective than previous models.


Endurance20 Hrs12 Hrs
Service Ceiling23,000 ft21,000 ft
Max Speed220 Kmph220 Kmph
Wing Span31 ft31 ft
Data Link Range300Km (LoS)300Km (LoS)
Data Link Range (SATCOM)1500 Km1500 Km
Weapon SystemNot applicableTotal 4 AGMs

The drone is expected to play a crucial role in Pakistan’s defense strategy, offering the country an enhanced surveillance capability, as well as the ability to conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions over extended periods. The Shahpar-II block II’s advanced sensors, combined with its extended endurance, will enable it to monitor large areas for extended periods, providing valuable intelligence to the Pakistani military.

Its ability to carry various types of EO payloads, including high-resolution cameras, infrared sensors, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR), make it useful for tasks such as border patrol, search and rescue operations, and disaster management.

The unveiling of the Shahpar-II block II is a significant milestone for GIDS and the Pakistani defense industry. It is a testament to the country’s growing technological capabilities and highlights its commitment to developing advanced defense solutions. The drone’s development also underscores the importance of investing in research and development and building partnerships with leading global defense companies.

Overall, the Shahpar-II block II is a powerful addition to Pakistan’s defense capabilities and a promising development for the country’s growing drone industry. Its advanced features and versatility make it a valuable asset for defense applications, and its development demonstrates Pakistan’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its technological capabilities.

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The Shahpar-II Block II is an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of carrying weapons, designed for medium altitude, long endurance missions. Its advanced aerodynamic design is based on a modular airframe structure made of a combination of composite and metallic materials.

Notable features of the Shahpar system include its ability to take off and land autonomously, a strong autopilot system, user-friendly mission planning software, reliable data links, and the capacity to incorporate a variety of EO payloads.

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