FNSS Debuts PARS 6x6 Fire Support Vehicle at DSA 2024

FNSS Debuts PARS 6×6 Fire Support Vehicle at DSA 2024

At the DSA 2024 exhibition in Malaysia, FNSS debuts PARS 6×6 fire support Vehicle at DSA 2024 equipped with the new TEBER-II 30/40 Remote Controlled Turret (RCT). The company will also display the lightweight SANCAK 30mm RCT integrated on a PARS 4×4 vehicle at stand 2100C in Hall 2 from May 6-9.

The PARS III 6×6 is a highly mobile and protected armored fire support platform. With a 25,000 kg combat weight, it can reach 100 km/h speeds while offering excellent maneuverability on slopes and obstacles. Its modular armor provides protection against mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The TEBER-II 30/40 RCT features a 30mm dual-feed cannon that can be optionally upgraded to 40mm for enhanced firepower. Anti-tank missile integration enables long-range engagements over 4km.

SANCAK 30mm Lightweight RCT

The newly unveiled SANCAK 30mm lightweight RCT carries a VENOM 30x113mm autocannon effective against infantry, fortifications, light armored vehicles and drones. Its 2-axis stabilization, ballistic protection and target tracking give the high-mobility PARS 4×4 vehicle a potent direct-fire support capability in open and urban environments.

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ACV Modernization Expertise

At DSA, FNSS will also promote its expertise in Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV) modernization programs through a joint exhibit with DEFTECH showcasing a prototype upgraded ADNAN ACV-15 with new mobility, protection, firepower and electronics subsystems. The modernized ACV aims to extend the service life by 20+ years.

FNSS has completed over 3,000 vehicle modernization projects for armed forces worldwide including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, USA, Bahrain and the Philippines. Its solutions replace aging automotive, weapon, protection and electronic components while retaining the proven ACV hull and chassis.

Key ACV upgrades include new powerpack, 25mm turret, battle management system, fire suppression, laser warning, communications, climate control, electrical/electronic architecture, driver’s vision enhancement and 360-degree situational awareness.

Integrated Vehicle Systems Provider

FNSS’ portfolio at DSA 2024 highlights its ability to develop new high-performance armored vehicle families like the PARS series while also economically extending the lifecycle of fielded vehicles through comprehensive modernization solutions. These capabilities position FNSS as a complete systems integrator for armored vehicle design, production and support worldwide.

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