F-16 Fires AIM-120D-3 in Final Test of Newest AMRAAM Variant

F-16 Fires AIM-120D-3 in Final Test of Newest AMRAAM Variant

The final test firing of the AIM-120D-3 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile from an F-16 Fighting Falcon recently took place on the Eglin Test and Training Range. This significant milestone marked the completion of the test program for the latest variant of the AMRAAM missile. The successful test firing demonstrated the missile’s advanced capabilities and paves the way for its deployment in the United States Air Force and Navy. This article explores the details of the test firing and highlights the importance of the AIM-120D-3 in modern air-to-air combat.

The AIM-120D-3: The Latest AMRAAM Variant

The AIM-120D-3 is the most recent variant of the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM). Designed for beyond-visual-range air-to-air engagements, the AIM-120D-3 boasts advanced features that enhance its performance in all weather conditions, day or night. Unlike its predecessor, the Sparrow missile, which required continuous guidance from the launching aircraft, the AIM-120D-3 is a fire-and-forget weapon. With active transmit-receive radar guidance, it offers improved accuracy and lethality in combat situations.

Successful Test Program

The test program for the AIM-120D-3 involved a series of live firings from various Air Force and Navy platforms to evaluate its air-to-air capabilities thoroughly. The missile successfully demonstrated its full range of functionalities and proved its effectiveness in engaging airborne targets. Throughout the test program, close coordination between Team Eglin units and contractor personnel was crucial to ensure the readiness of the aircraft, missile, airborne targets, and range safety and data collection systems at Eglin.

Team Efforts and Test Completion

The successful completion of the test firing would not have been possible without the diligent efforts of the combined test team. Maj. Brian Davis, the 28th Test and Evaluation Squadron Air Dominance division chief, expressed his appreciation for the team’s hard work. He highlighted the benefits of live-fire testing and emphasized the significance of platform integration in real-world operational environments. The teamwork and dedication displayed during the test firing showcased the strength of collaboration between military personnel and contractors.

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Excitement for Deployment

Col. Sean Bradley, the Armament Directorate AMRAAM program manager, expressed his excitement for the deployment of the AIM-120D-3. He emphasized the missile’s hardware and software capability improvements, ensuring that warfighters would have the most advanced variant of the AIM-120 missile in their arsenal. The AIM-120D-3’s modernized features, including upgraded circuit cards and the latest System Improvement Program-3F software, provide the necessary capability to counter both current and future threats. Additionally, continuous software enhancements through upcoming System Improvement Program (SIP) efforts will further enhance the missile’s performance.

Legacy and Future of the AMRAAM

Since its introduction, the AMRAAM has played a crucial role in air-to-air engagements. With more than 14,000 units produced for the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, and international customers, it has achieved an impressive record of success. The missile has been employed in various conflicts, including those in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, India, and Syria, where it achieved 16 air-to-air kills. The AIM-120D-3 represents the latest evolution of this highly capable weapon system, ensuring that military forces can maintain air superiority in the face of evolving threats.


The final test firing of the AIM-120D-3 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile from an F-16 Fighting Falcon marks a significant milestone in the development of this cutting-edge weapon system. The successful completion of the test program demonstrates the missile’s advanced capabilities and readiness for deployment in both the United States Air Force and Navy. With its modernized hardware and software features, the AIM-120D-3 provides an essential tool to counter existing and future threats.

The dedication and collaboration of the test team highlight the importance of live-fire testing and platform integration in ensuring the effectiveness of weapons in real-world combat scenarios. As the AMRAAM legacy continues, the AIM-120D-3 sets the stage for the future of air-to-air engagement and the maintenance of air superiority.

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