BAE Systems Introduces Tridon Mk2 Ground Based Air Defense

BAE Systems Introduces Tridon Mk2 Ground Based Air Defense

BAE Systems introduces Tridon Mk2 Ground based air defense designed to counter a wide range of aerial threats, this versatile platform made its debut at Eurosatory 2024 in Paris, showcasing BAE’s commitment to addressing evolving battlefield needs.

The Tridon Mk2 is engineered to engage and neutralize multiple aerial threats, including drones, aircraft, cruise missiles, and armored vehicles. This multi-role capability positions the Tridon Mk2 as a comprehensive air defense solution for modern military operations.

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Advanced Bofors 40mm Gun Technology

Key features of the Tridon Mk2 include its foundation on the battle-proven Bofors 40mm gun, with an effective strike range up to 12 kilometers (7.4 miles). The range varies depending on target, ammunition, and terrain, and the system is compatible with NATO standard ammunition. The system’s heritage traces back to the widely used World War II-era Bofors gun, updated with cutting-edge technology for 21st-century warfare.

Modular Design for Adaptability and Future-Proofing

The Tridon Mk2 boasts a modular architecture offering easy deployment and maintenance, simple integration of future components, and adaptability to changing battlefield requirements. This design philosophy ensures the system can evolve to meet emerging threats and technological advancements.

Filling the Air Defense Gap

BAE Systems positions the Tridon Mk2 as a solution to address proliferating drone threats globally, emerging gaps in air defense capabilities, and the needs of NATO states exposed to increased aerial threats. The system provides a cost-effective, rapid-response option to complement more expensive missile-based air defense systems.

Advanced Sensors and Fire Control

The Tridon Mk2 incorporates sophisticated day-night sensors and advanced fire control systems, capable of protecting large areas while minimizing collateral damage potential. These features enable precise target engagement while enhancing overall situational awareness.

Flexible Deployment Options

Operational flexibility is enhanced through the ability to mount on various platforms, remote control capabilities, and keeping operators at safe distances during engagements. This versatility allows the Tridon Mk2 to adapt to diverse combat scenarios and protect personnel effectively.

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