UAE Orders 10 Patrol Vessels from Fincantieri-EDGE

UAE Orders 10 Patrol Vessels from Fincantieri

The United Arab Emirates Coast Guard has placed an order valued at €400 million ($435 million/Dh1.6 billion) for 10 advanced offshore patrol vessels from the newly established MAESTRAL shipbuilding joint venture between Italy’s Fincantieri and UAE’s EDGE defense group.

The formal agreement creating MAESTRAL, with EDGE holding a 51% stake, was announced in February. The joint venture aims to capture commercial and strategic defense shipbuilding contracts worth around €30 billion initially prioritizing non NATO nations.

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“This first major order for MAESTRAL since our collaboration with EDGE is concrete evidence of the great value this industrial platform provides,” stated Fincantieri CEO Pierroberto Folgiero. “It allows us to seize opportunities in strategic markets like the UAE while developing new growth avenues internationally.”

Advanced 51m Offshore Patrol Vessels

The UAE order covers 10 of MAESTRAL’s new 51-meter P51MR class offshore patrol vessels derived from Fincantieri’s proven Saettia-class design. The advanced ships feature high modularity for multi-mission roles.

Key attributes include stability in rough seas, a low radar signature, and high operational flexibility. The P51MR is tailored for maritime security operations by naval forces and coast guards.

The OPVs will be constructed at one of MAESTRAL’s shipyards, either the Muggiano facility near La Spezia, Italy or the new yard being established by EDGE at ICAD Mussafah in Abu Dhabi.

Expanding UAE Naval Capabilities

For the UAE Coast Guard Forces, the new OPVs will provide a major capability boost for maritime security, exclusive economic zone patrols, search and rescue, and other offshore operations.

The 51m P51MR enhances the UAE’s existing patrol force which includes smaller 35m vessels as well as larger Falaj-3 class 63m OPVs previously supplied by ADSB.

The contract also reflects the UAE’s strategic partnership with Italy’s defense industry and efforts to localize advanced manufacturing capabilities through EDGE’s venture with Fincantieri.

MAESTRAL gives EDGE access to new commercial opportunities marketing Italian naval shipbuilding expertise regionally and globally. For Fincantieri, it deepens involvement in strengthening Emirati naval capabilities and establishes a foothold in the growing Middle East market.

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