Titra and Airbus Partner to Equip ALPIN Drone for Ships

Titra and Airbus Partner to Equip ALPIN Drone for Ships

Turkish drone manufacturer Titra is collaborating with aerospace giant Airbus to modify the ALPIN unmanned helicopter for naval use. The partnership aims to integrate Airbus’ DeckFinder positioning system, enabling the ALPIN drone to take off and land autonomously on naval vessels.

Titra’s CEO, Abdulkadir Sener, revealed the collaboration during a homeland security expo in Ankara, Turkey, from May 21 to May 23. He stated that the Turkish government and other countries have expressed interest in utilizing the ALPIN platform for naval forces.

The strategic cooperation agreement between the two companies focuses on integrating Airbus’ DeckFinder system with the ALPIN drone. This integration will enhance the autonomous landing and take-off capabilities of rotary-wing aerial vehicles like the ALPIN on moving naval platforms, ensuring greater precision and safety.

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Sener projected that the ALPIN drone should be capable of landing on a moving vessel within the next six months. He also hinted at potential future collaborations between Titra and Airbus on other projects.

Originally developed for military and civilian rescue missions, the long-range ALPIN drone is based on the Italian made Helisport CH-7 ultralight helicopter. Its development began in 2019 when Titra partnered with UAVOS, a drone specialist with offices in the U.S., Canada, and Spain.

The ALPIN boasts impressive specifications, measuring 7 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, and 2.35 meters high, with a rotor diameter of 6.28 meters. It has an empty weight of 340 kilograms and can carry a maximum payload of 200 kilograms, including fuel.

This versatile unmanned helicopter can accommodate multiple payloads and transmit real-time information to operators. Its features include a wideband satellite communication channel for remote operations, a fully redundant autopilot system, autonomous takeoff and landing capabilities, a remote ground control network, and an autorotation landing capability.

Airbus’ DeckFinder, a local positioning system, plays a crucial role in enabling crewed and remotely piloted aerial vehicles to determine their relative position in harsh environmental conditions. It provides a 3D image of the platform’s relative position, aiding in safe landings on small or moving helicopter decks, where even minor deviations can jeopardize the mission.

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