Taiwan to Modernize Aging C-130 Hercules Transport Fleet

Taiwan to Modernize Aging C-130 Hercules Transport Fleet

Taiwan to Modernize Aging C-130 Hercules Transport fleet to the multi-billion dollar effort aims to outfit the Lockheed Martin aircraft with new integrated cockpits, enhanced navigation and collision avoidance systems, and other critical upgrades.

Comprehensive Enhancements

Beginning in 2024, the C-130s will receive new avionics suites, global positioning systems, and communication systems to bring the 1980s-era workhorses up to modern standards. Their airframes will also undergo structural enhancements to support a wider range of military transport missions.

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The aircraft are additionally slated to get counter-electronic warfare capabilities as part of the far-reaching overhaul intended to extend their operational lifespans well into the 2030s.

Hefty Price Tag If approved, the C-130 modernization program is expected to cost around NT$10 billion (US$309 million) for Taiwan’s air mobility forces. The multi-year initiative underscores Taipei’s commitment to maintaining a robust strategic airlift capability.

Crucial Transport Role

The four-engine turboprop Hercules have been the backbone of Taiwan’s military transport capabilities for over 40 years. They play an indispensable role in annual Han Kuang exercises, rapidly deploying aircraft, troops, and equipment across the island’s rugged terrain.

Long-Delayed Priority

While long-envisioned, upgrades to the C-130 fleet had previously taken a backseat to other defense priorities for Taiwan. However, with growing threats in the region, modernizing this aging but vital air mobility asset has become an imperative investment for Taipei’s military planners.

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