Russia Reveals Model of Unmanned Su-75 Checkmate

Russia Reveals Model of Unmanned Su-75 Checkmate

Russia has reveals a model of the unmanned version of its new Su-75 Checkmate fifth-generation fighter jet at the Army-2023 forum. The reveal highlights the continued development of the Checkmate program since its debut in 2021.

Refined Design for Unmanned Operations

Compared to the original Checkmate prototype, the unmanned model features several refinements:

✨ The tail section now has enlarged wing flapperons with a -45 degree sweepback angle, revised from -10 degrees.

✨ The tail beams and control surfaces have been reconfigured.

✨ Other low-observable optimizations have been made for unmanned flight.

These changes indicate Russia is tailoring the Checkmate for unmanned capabilities beyond the manned variants.

Ongoing Checkmate Development

The Checkmate was first introduced publicly at the 2021 MAKS Air Show. At the time, Sukhoi said it would be produced in single-seat manned, two-seat manned, and unmanned versions.

Recent Russian patents reveal the iterated Checkmate designs, including the unmanned model now on display. The lightweight tactical fighter is slated to enter service around 2026. The unmanned variant will expand Russia’s stealth unmanned combat air vehicle arsenal.

Importance of Unmanned Combat Vehicles

The unmanned Checkmate model highlights Russia’s interest in developing stealthy unmanned combat aerial vehicles. These types of aircraft are seen as having major advantages over manned jets in future warfare scenarios.

UCAVs can conduct operations too high-risk for human pilots. Their stealth profiles and lack of life support systems also aid in reducing observable signatures. Russia appears committed to integrating UCAVs for their beyond-visual-range capabilities.

What to Expect from the Unmanned Checkmate

While specifications are still emerging, the Checkmate UCAV will likely share advanced avionics and sensor fusion with manned Checkmate variants.

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With its refined airframe shaping and optimizations, the unmanned Checkmate’s flight envelope may exceed manned models. Range, altitude, maneuverability and internal payloads are other key areas to watch as the program progresses.

The Army-2023 reveal provides the first concrete look at Russia’s unmanned Checkmate. Its maturation will be important for Russia’s unmanned combat air vehicle development.

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