PLA Navy’s submarine force makes historic breakthroughs

PLA Navy’s submarine force makes historic breakthroughs

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy submarine force has made significant advancements, achieving historic breakthroughs in torpedo and missile technologies according to a senior officer. The force is prioritizing nuclear-powered submarines while maintaining conventional diesel-electric boats.

In a report by state broadcaster CCTV marking the 70th anniversary of the submarine force’s founding, Captain Wen Xuexing from the PLA Navy’s pioneering submarine unit provided rare insights:

“The country’s submarine force development comprises both nuclear-powered and conventional boats, with nuclear-powered being the main focus,”

Wen stated

Verified Torpedo and Missile Attacks “We have achieved historic breakthroughs in terms of maritime verifications on our torpedo attacks and missile attacks,” Wen revealed. This demonstrates improved combat capabilities to strike farther afield with greater confidence.

The report included footage of a live torpedo strike obliterating the stern of a target ship with a powerful explosion a rare public glimpse of the force’s capabilities.

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Wen highlighted the submarine force allows China to develop its economy peacefully without fear of invasion, while its demonstrated might serves as a deterrent.

Submarine programs are typically highly classified, but this limited disclosure indicates China’s technologies are rapidly catching up after previously lagging global leaders, according to an anonymous military expert cited by Global Times.

The expert noted PLA Navy sub developments like the Type 039 conventional, Type 093 nuclear attack, and Type 094 nuclear ballistic missile boats, with more advanced models in the pipeline.

While still lacking full transparency, showcasing select torpedo and missile capabilities burnishes the PLA Navy’s deterrence posture as its sub force continues modernizing with cutting-edge nuclear-powered boats.

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