Otokar Offers Cobra II Tactical Vehicles to Romanian Armed Forces

Otokar Offers Cobra II Tactical Vehicles to Romanian Armed Forces

In response to a recent tender by the Romanian Ministry of National Defence for new 4×4 tactical vehicles, Otokar a leading Turkish defense company, has emerged as the sole bidder. Otokar offers Cobra II Tactical Vehicles to Romanian Armed Forces and encompasses a comprehensive package of industrial cooperation and technology transfer to Romanian firms. This bid stands out against competitors like Arquus from France and Oshkosh due to Otokar’s ability to meet the formidable financial and technical requirements set by the Romanian Armed Forces.

Cobra II Configurations and Features

The offering from Otokar comprises 1,059 Cobra II vehicles in nine distinct configurations, including armored personnel carriers, tank destroyers, reconnaissance vehicles, and armored ambulances. The proposed value of the bid exceeds 900 million euros, excluding VAT. The Cobra II, an evolution of Otokar’s renowned Cobra family, is designed to accommodate nine personnel and provides superior protection against threats like improvised explosive devices and landmines, making it ideal for security, peacekeeping, and border protection missions.

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Advanced Technology and Specifications

With a combat weight twice that of its predecessor, the Cobra II integrates advanced features such as run-flat tires, an air conditioning system, blackout lighting, and a towing eye. Optional enhancements include a self-recovery winch, CBRN filtration kit, and remote-controlled weapon systems up to 30mm caliber. Equipped with a powerful 6.7L six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine generating 360 horsepower, the Cobra II ensures a maximum speed of 110 km/h and an operational range of 700 km.

Otokar’s Legacy and Success

Otokar’s success in securing orders for the Cobra II, both domestically and internationally, reflects its expertise and prominence in the defense industry. Founded in 1963, Otokar has a rich history of manufacturing modern buses and military vehicles, including the Otokar Armoured Personnel Carrier, Otokar Akrep, and Otokar Cobra. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality has positioned it as a trusted supplier of wheeled military vehicles for the Turkish Armed Forces and other nations globally.

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