Indian Army inducted SWATHI Weapon Locating Radar

Indian Army inducted SWATHI Weapon Locating Radar

In a major capability boost for mountain warfare, the Indian Army has inducted the indigenous SWATHI Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) mountain variant. Developed by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), the advanced radar system will provide enhanced situational awareness and artillery targeting in high-altitude regions, enabling quicker response to security threats.

Operational Need for Specialized Mountain Radar

India’s mountainous borders have seen heightened tensions in recent years. The Indian Army needed a radar that could operate effectively in rugged Himalayan terrains to track hostile artillery fire.

The SWATHI WLR mountain version is optimized with compact size and mobility features specifically for employment in mountains. It addresses the Army’s long-standing requirement for real-time intelligence on enemy weapon locations in high-altitude areas.

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Cutting-Edge Features and Capabilities

Built upon the proven success of earlier SWATHI WLR variants, the mountain radar incorporates additional capabilities tailored for mountain warfare.

Key features include:

  • All-weather 24×7 surveillance in harsh environments
  • Clutter-free detection and tracking of mortars, artillery and rockets
  • Near-vertical radar beam for scanning mountain slopes
  • Quick deployment and relocation with built-in mobility features
  • High-resolution displays with digital maps for enhanced battlespace awareness

Strategic Significance of Indigenization

The SWATHI WLR project exemplifies India’s growing self-reliance in defense technology. Joint development by BEL, LRDE and other Indian entities has ensured the radar is customized as per the Army’s operational requirements.

Inducting the indigenous system reduces import dependence and strengthens India’s defense industrial base. It enables sustained capacity upgrades attuned to evolving national security challenges.

The induction of the SWATHI WLR mountain variant injects a potent new capability for mountain warfare. By enhancing the Indian Army’s situational awareness and targeting, it will strengthen defensive preparedness along the country’s northern borders. The project also embodies India’s success in building an indigenous defense ecology for strategic self-reliance.

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