IAI Unveils Air-Launched Lora Ballistic Missile

IAI Unveils Air-Launched LORA Ballistic Missile

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a game-changing addition to its Lora ballistic missile family. This air-launched version is designed to strike high-value targets from very long stand-off ranges, giving air forces an unprecedented capability to engage well-protected enemy assets with minimal risk to pilots and platforms. “IAI Unveils Air-Launched LORA Ballistic Missile”.

Key Features and Capabilities

The Air Lora is a long-range, air-to-ground missile (AGM) developed specifically for strike missions against critical targets such as command centers, air force bases, infrastructure, and naval vessels in dense littoral areas.

Boasting a robust warhead with various types, the Air Lora enables air forces to strike enemy targets from far distances, well beyond the reach of enemy air missile defenses (AMD).

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Integration and Operational Advantages

The Air Lora can be easily integrated into fighter and bomber aircraft as a stand-alone configuration or through the avionics system, making it simple to train and operate. Its fire-and-forget and autonomous operation capabilities further enhance its operational advantages.

With a very high mission success rate, thanks to its supersonic speed and combat-proven GNSS anti-jamming system, the Air Lora offers air forces the ability to surprise the enemy deep inland with massive and accurate strike capabilities.

“Air Lora opens new frontiers and capabilities to our customers and improves the attack and defense capabilities for countries, with minimal risk to pilots and platforms,” said Jacob Galifat, General Manager of the IAI/MLM Division. “Air Lora offers air forces the ability to surprise the enemy in its deep land with massive and GNSS Anti-Jam protected accurate strike capabilities.”

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