Heckler & Koch Introduces HK421 7.62 mm Lightweight Machine Gun

Heckler & Koch Introduces HK421 7.62mm Lightweight MG

Heckler & Koch, the renowned German firearms manufacturer, has introduced its latest innovation at Eurosatory 2024: the HK421 7.62 mm lightweight machine gun. This new weapon system represents a significant evolution from the company’s acclaimed MG5 series of general purpose machine guns (GPMGs).

The HK421’s standout feature is its remarkable weight reduction. With a 421 mm-long barrel, it’s approximately 2.7 kg lighter than the standard infantry MG5A2, enhancing mobility and ease of handling for infantry units. A shorter 330 mm barrel option further reduces the weight to around 8.3 kg, offering versatility for different operational needs.

Key design elements from the MG5 series are retained, including the long-stroke gas piston system, quick-change barrel, and robust safety mechanism. The HK421 also introduces new features such as a hydraulic buffer and compatibility with various buttstocks, including the collapsible MP7 stock and the HK416A8 buttstock.

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Operational flexibility is enhanced with a 3 position gas block for normal, sustained, and suppressed fire. The detachable handguard module reveals a Picatinny rail for accessories, further increasing the weapon’s adaptability.

Heckler & Koch, known for its “Keine Kompromisse!” (No Compromises) motto, continues to innovate in the defense industry. From its roots in machine tool production to becoming a global leader in firearms manufacturing, HK’s latest offering reinforces its commitment to advancing military technology.

The HK421, available in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Sniper Grey finishes, represents Heckler & Koch’s ongoing dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for modern military requirements, combining reduced weight with enhanced performance and versatility.

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