GIDS Unveils FATAH-II Guided Rocket System at WDS 2024

GIDS Unveils FATAH-II Guided Rocket System at WDS 2024

Pakistan has revealed its latest guided rocket artillery system called the FATAH-II at the 2024 World Defense Show 2024 (#WDS2024) in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The advanced system is an upgraded variant of the previous FATAH-I that delivers enhanced capabilities and extended strike ranges.

The advanced rocket artillery system was officially inaugurated at the exhibit by General Sahir Shamshad Mirza, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff and Pakistan’s top military officer.

GIDS CEO Mr. Asad Kamal briefed military officials and international guests on the systems offensive and defensive attributes. By exhibiting at major defense expos, Pakistan aims to court more customers for its advancing defense technologies including modern rocket artillery systems.


The FATAH-II is a guided multi-launch rocket system (GMLRS) developed by Pakistan’s state-owned Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS). It can launch heavy precision rocket barrages with ranges up to 400 km, substantially further than its FATAH-I predecessor.

Equipped with an advanced navigation suite comprised of an inertial navigation system plus satellite guidance, the FATAH-II provides high-accuracy strikes with under 10 meter circular error probable according to GIDS specifications. Each rocket carries a potent 150 kg unitary high-explosive warhead for destructive effects against targets.

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Upgraded Design

The FATAH-II has already entered active service with Pakistan’s Army, with batteries equipped with a variant offering 400 km reach. However, GIDS is offering an export-approved FATAH-II system with 290 km range, still considerably longer compared to the 140 km range of original FATAH-I rockets.

The extended reach combined with enhanced precision and heavier warheads gives the FATAH-II advanced strike capabilities as a modern artillery system. It serves as an asymmetric deterrent that complements other missile forces.

Induction and Export

Introduction of the FATAH-II aligns with Pakistan’s military modernization under its national security policy and emphasis on building indigenous defense technologies. Showcasing weapons like the FATAH-II on the international stage also supports export goals for Pakistani arms.

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