Fincantieri Launches Italian FREMM Frigate in Dual Warfare

Fincantieri Launches Italian FREMM Frigate in Dual Warfare

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri recently launched the first of two new multi-mission FREMM frigates ordered by the Italian Navy featuring a new combined anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare design. The advanced warship demonstrates the evolutions in naval technology available to customers.

Enhancing Littoral Warfare Capabilities

Designated Spartaco Schergat (F598), the frigate integrates the mission package from the original FREMM general purpose (GP) platform with the anti-submarine (ASW) suite of Italian Navy ASW variants. This creates a uniquely flexible surface combatant able to counter diversified threats.

The adaptations provide Italian sailors an exceptionally capable vessel ready to confront challenges from piracy to enemy submarines.

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Ongoing FREMM Program Success

The F598 represents the 10th FREMM built by Fincantieri for Italy under the joint French-Italian acquisition program managed by the Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR).

The successful multi-billion euro endeavor continues reaping rewards in the form of highly advanced frigates benefitting both countries – cementing industrial cooperation.

En route to Final Delivery

Following its technical launch, ongoing work at Fincantieri’s shipyards will ready the Spartaco Schergat for at-sea trials beginning second quarter 2024. Hand over to the Italian Navy is expected the following year where it will be a vital surface fleet asset.

Its sister ship, the Emilio Bianchi, began construction last year and will also receive the modernized configuration.

Matching Evolving Threats

Outfitted with a potent mix of guns, missiles, torpedoes, decoys, and sensors, the FREMM upgrade allows the platform to adeptly counter intensifying asymmetric naval threats and blue-water rivals.

The investments in next-generation communications, electronic warfare systems, and upgraded combat management software future-proof the ship to operate for decades.

FREMM Program Growth

Beyond Italian and French orders, Fincantieri has found international success with the FREMM design, including sales to the United States and Egypt.

The company continues enhancing the baseline model in the FREMM Evolved variant, promising customers even greater capabilities tailored to strategic requirements.

With the launch of the Spartaco Schergat, Fincantieri proves the flexibility and growth potential inherent in the FREMM family – cementing it as a premier NATO frigate design set to remain highly relevant into the future maritime battlefield environment.

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