Anduril Unveils Game Changing Electromagnetic Warfare System

Anduril Unveils Game Changing Electromagnetic Warfare System

Defense tech innovator Anduril has unveiled Pulsar a cutting-edge family of modular electromagnetic warfare (EW) systems powered by artificial intelligence that promises to revolutionize battlefield dominance. In the rapidly evolving modern warfare landscape, maintaining electromagnetic spectrum supremacy against advancing drone and electronic threats is critical.

Pulsar’s Adaptive AI-Powered Countermeasures

At the core of Pulsar is its integration of software-defined radio and advanced AI computing for real-time radio frequency machine learning (RFML). This allows rapid identification of threats across the spectrum and adaptive electronic countermeasures at the tactical edge.

The multi-mission Pulsar system encompasses electronic attack, counter-unmanned defense, electronic support and more. It can be deployed on ground vehicles or airborne platforms, providing comprehensive EW capabilities.

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“Pulsar is resilient in the most congested electromagnetic environments and seamlessly integrates with other advanced technology systems to provide comprehensive multi-domain defense against state and non-state actors,” said Sam El-Akkad, Anduril’s General Manager of RF/EW Systems.

Unified EW Network and Open Architecture

With an open system architecture, Pulsar enables seamless integration into existing command and control networks for unified, coordinated electronic warfare effects across distributed operations. Its software development kit also allows continuous evolution by easily integrating new third-party EW capabilities to counter emerging threats.

“As the Ukraine war has shown, EW tactics are evolving at an incredible pace with updates happening in weeks, days or even hours,” Anduril stated. “Pulsar’s adaptive AI technology provides a paradigm shift in EW capabilities with the agility to rapidly respond.”

The company, founded by Palmer Luckey, has developed Pulsar’s intelligent EW technology leveraging expertise in artificial intelligence, sensor systems, software-defined radios and unmanned systems. This enables unprecedented adaptability and effectiveness compared to traditional static EW systems.

Maintaining Electromagnetic Spectrum Dominance

In modern multi-domain operations, the ability to identify and defeat electromagnetic threats in real-time while adaptively protecting critical systems is essential. Anduril’s Pulsar system aims to provide a game-changing capability for achieving and maintaining electromagnetic spectrum dominance.

With its modular AI-powered design, open architecture, and multi-mission versatility, Pulsar positions Anduril as a leading provider of cutting-edge electromagnetic warfare solutions. This scalable high-tech system will help militaries and security forces effectively counter the proliferation of drones, communications jamming, radar threats and other EW challenges.

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