US Confirms Russia Used North Korean Missiles in Ukraine

US Confirms Russia Used North Korean Missiles in Ukraine

US Confirms Russia Used North Korean Ballistic Missiles against Ukraine. In a new report, the DIA stated its analysts concluded “the debris found in Kharkiv on Jan. 2, 2024 is missile debris from a DPRK short-range missile.”

The agency’s detailed analysis compared open-source images of missile remnants found in Kharkiv to photos of North Korea’s Hwasong-11 short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) from state media. Distinct features like motor sections, fin attachments, and wiring hardware on the debris visually matched the Hwasong-11 inspected by Kim Jong Un in August 2023.

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Corroborating Independent Assessments

The findings corroborate previous conclusions by independent researchers, Ukrainian investigators, and U.N. experts that Russia utilized the Hwasong-11/KN-23 SRBM in a deadly January strike on Kharkiv. However, the U.N. could not determine the missile’s launch point.

DPRK-Russia Military Cooperation

According to the DIA report, North Korea began supplying Russia with ballistic missiles last November after initially sending millions of artillery rounds. In return, Moscow provided diplomatic support and shared data on the real-world performance of DPRK weaponry.

Use of North Korean Missiles Alleged

The DIA’s analysis follows the Kharkiv chief prosecutor claiming in March that Russia had fired North Korean missiles at Ukraine around 50 times since its 2022 invasion. The prosecutor exhibited remnant missile debris allegedly made at North Korea’s February 11 Plant.

While the quality and guidance systems of North Korea’s aging missiles are considered inferior to Russia’s arsenal, experts warn the two nations are poised to deepen military cooperation despite the shortcomings witnessed in strikes against Ukrainian cities.

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