Türkiye Starts Mass Production of Domestic Altay Tank

Türkiye Starts Mass Production of Domestic Altay Tank, its first domestically developed and manufactured main battle tank, announced Haluk Görgün, head of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB).

“We have started the mass production of our national tank. There are countries that want to work with us on this internationally, and we are continuing our negotiations with them,” Görgün stated in an interview with TRT Haber.

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Upgraded for Modern Combat

Produced by BMC Defence under the SSB’s program, the next-generation Altay has been upgraded with enhanced combat capabilities to meet modern battlefield conditions according to experience from recent Turkish military operations.

Advanced Technological Integration

“Many subsystems have been localized, updated technologies and innovations have been added to enhance its combat capabilities,” Görgün said. This includes digital technologies for more precise and rapid detection, targeting and engagement.

Improved Fire Control

Specific enhancements include a fire control system with a laser rangefinder and advanced image stabilization enabling accurate long-range target tracking and engagement.

Leveraging Land Systems Expertise

Görgün highlighted Turkey’s strengths in land vehicles, with multiple domestic companies exporting competitive products internationally. He cited recent European NATO orders for Turkish personnel carriers and armored vehicles.

The Altay’s entry into mass production marks a milestone in Turkey’s quest for a modern, domestically-sourced main battle tank integrating the latest technologies and combat lessons. Its rollout bolsters the nation’s self-sufficiency in land systems amid growing global collaboration.

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