Pakistan Successful flight test Ababeel Missile with MIRV Capability

Pakistan Successful flight test Ababeel Missile with MIRV Capability

Today Pakistan conducted a successful flight test of its indigenously developed Ababeel surface-to-surface ballistic missile. The test demonstrated the missile’s capability to deliver multiple warheads using multiple independent re-entry vehicle (MIRV) technology.

Details of the Ababeel Missile

The Ababeel missile has been developed by Pakistan’s National Development Complex. It is powered by solid fuel propellant giving it rapid response capability. The missile can carry both conventional and nuclear payloads up to a range of 2,200 kilometers.
The Ababeel utilizes advanced navigation, guidance and control systems for high accuracy. Its most notable feature is the MIRV capability allowing it to release multiple warheads against different targets separated by hundreds of kilometers. The missile is designed to evade anti-missile defences by engaging multiple warheads at different angles after reentry.

Objectives of the Recent Test

The recent Ababeel test was aimed at validating the missile’s design parameters, evaluating its subsystems and re-confirming its stated capabilities. Specifically, it demonstrated Pakistan’s mastery of critical technologies required for an effective MIRV capable deterrent.

Significance of the Ababeel Missile

The Ababeel missile strengthens Pakistan’s policy of credible minimum deterrence against any aggression. By fielding missiles with MIRV technology that can overcome missile defenses, Pakistan aims to deter a potential Indian nuclear first strike.
The induction of the Ababeel missile brings Pakistan on par with a select group of nations possessing such advanced missile capabilities. With the Ababeel in its arsenal, Pakistan’s strategic forces can now deliver a robust response to any aggression.

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Ababeel Missile Tests

The first test flight was conducted on January 24, 2017 to validate the missile’s design parameters and capabilities.
On October 18, 2023, Pakistan carried out another successful test flight of the Ababeel missile. This test aimed to re-validate the missile’s design, technical parameters and performance of different subsystems.

Latest Test Details (October 2023)

The test flight was conducted on October 18, 2023 from an undisclosed test range in Pakistan. It was witnessed by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Sahir Shamshad Mirza and senior officials from strategic organizations. The test re-validated the Ababeel’s technical parameters and performance capabilities. Top civil and military leadership congratulated the strategic forces on the successful test.
The successful test has been widely praised within Pakistan as a demonstration of the country’s scientific prowess and technical capabilities. It shows Pakistan is continuously enhancing its strategic forces to maintain deterrence stability in the region.

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