Norway-Germany Alliance for Next-Gen Supersonic Missile

Norway-Germany Alliance for Next-Gen Supersonic Missile

Norway and Germany have agreed to collaborate on developing Kongsberg’s Supersonic Strike Missile, dubbed 3SM Tyrfing. The Mach 3-capable naval strike weapon will complement Kongsberg’s proven Naval Strike Missile (NSM) currently operated by over 10 nations.

Details of the Landmark Agreement

Norway will take the lead role in maturing the high-speed ramjet-propelled 3SM Tyrfing for deployment on Norwegian and German warships beginning in 2035.

Kongsberg’s unparalleled expertise in anti-ship missiles positions it well for creating next-generation technologies to retain Norway’s advantage.

Enhancing Strike Capabilities

The hypersonic-class 3SM Tyrfing will provide enhanced maritime strike capacities surpassing standard subsonic NSMs. Its speed will enable rapid response over vast areas against time-sensitive naval threats.

Economic and Strategic Benefits

Per Norway’s Defense Minister, the project represents significant economic gains through job creation while delivering improved defense capacities for Norway and its European allies.

The joint missile endeavor aligns with Norway and Germany’s strategic interests in protecting access to northern shipping lanes and maintaining security in the North Atlantic region amid tensions.

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Next Phase of NSM Success

Over the last decade, Kongsberg’s NSM became internationally renowned as an advanced coastal defense and naval strike weapon. It is currently operational or ordered by over 13 countries.

As the follow-on system, the 3SM Tyrfing will provide NSM users a pathway to introduce unmatched speed for enhanced naval lethality.

Technical Development Approach

The initial design phase is funded to set requirements and validate feasibility before proceeding to full-scale development and production expected to run through 2035.

Kongsberg and its German partners will leverage existing Norwegian hypersonic research and NSM technology to minimize costs and risk for the cutting-edge missile.

The 3SM Tyrfing project represents the next frontier in strike weapons development for Norway and its allies. When fielded, the missile will provide commanders with an unparalleled capability to decisively shape maritime battles within an evolving multi-domain environment.

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