MoD Reveals £2.1 Billion Cost for AH-64E Apache Program

MoD Reveals £2.1 Billion Cost for AH-64E Apache Program

The UK Ministry of Defence has provided cost details for the British Army’s AH-64E Apache attack helicopter program in response to a parliamentary question. The figures reveal over £2.1 billion in procurement and long-term support costs for the advanced helicopters to date.

According to Defence Procurement Minister James Cartlidge, the initial acquisition of 50 AH-64E Apaches for the UK utilised the U.S. Foreign Military Sales process. This portion is currently forecast at £1.793 billion against an approved budget of £1.999 billion.

Separately, Cartlidge stated the current five-year Long Term Training and Support Contract with Boeing Defence UK for the AH-64Es is valued at £341,199,072.50. This covers critical training and sustainment of the new Apache fleet.

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AH-64E Boosts

Formerly known as the Apache Guardian, the AH-64E variant represents a major upgrade over previous Apache models with new sensors, processors, communications suites and extended maritime capabilities.

The 50 helicopters replace the British Army’s earlier AH-64D Apaches which had been in service since the 1990s. They provide an essential component of the Anglo-French anti-surface led joint expeditionary force under the 2010 Lancaster House defense treaties.

Deliveries of the new Apaches began in 2022 and are expected to be completed this year. They will be based out of Wattisham Flying Station alongside the Army’s Wildcat reconnaissance helicopters as the service’s new Attack Helicopter Force.

Global Remanufacturing Program

The UK’s new Apaches are part of a global remanufacturing effort by Boeing to produce over 600 AH-64Es for the U.S. Army and international customers from reused aircraft frames and components.

In addition to the UK, other export customers include India, Qatar, Indonesia, and contractors for the Netherlands and United Arab Emirates. The AH-64E upgrade keeps the venerable Apache airframe current with the latest avionics and precision strike capabilities.

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