Kalashnikov Sends 9M333 Anti-Aircraft Guided Missiles to the Army

Kalashnikov Sends 9M333 Anti-Aircraft Guided Missiles to the Army

The Kalashnikov Concern has dispatched a large batch of 9M333 anti aircraft guided missiles to the Russian armed forces as part of the 2024 state defense order. These missiles are designed specifically for use with the Strela-10M3 surface to air missile system employed by ground force air defense units.

“Kalashnikov Concern has successfully handed over a large batch of 9M333 anti aircraft guided missiles as per the 2024 state defense order,” the company’s press service stated on Friday. This recent shipment fulfills a significant portion of Russia’s defense procurement needs.

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Strela-10M3 System Overview

The Strela-10M3 is a short range air defense system mounted on an amphibious tracked chassis. It is used to protect troops and military/civilian installations against low altitude aerial threats like aircraft, helicopters and drones within visual range.

9M333 Missile Capabilities

The 9M333 is a highly capable surface to air missile measuring 2.23 meters long and 0.12 meters in diameter. Powered by a solid fuel rocket motor, it has an operational range of around 5 km to engage targets like planes and drones.

Advanced Missile Design

Key components include a guidance system with infrared and optical sensors for precise tracking, a warhead, propulsion unit and control surfaces. Its compact size enables flexible integration on various launchers.

Strela-10M3 Armaments

The system has a crew of 3-4 and is armed with four ready to launch 9M37M missiles in a turret. It uses optical/infrared guidance rather than radar, with the missiles homing in on a target’s heat signature after launch to altitudes of 3,500 m and ranges up to 5 km at 415 m/s.

With this delivery, Kalashnikov has provided the Russian military a fresh supply of advanced short-range air defense munitions vital for the Strela-10M3 systems protecting ground forces from aerial threats.

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