Germany Announces Purchase of 20 Additional Eurofighter Jets

Germany Announces Purchase of 20 Additional Eurofighter Jets

Germany will purchase 20 more Eurofighter jets from Airbus, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Wednesday. The order for additional fighter aircraft comes as the NATO member nation increases defense spending following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking at the ILA Berlin Air Show, Scholz underscored his government’s commitment to maintaining and expanding Germany’s arms production capacity. “That is why we will order 20 more Eurofighters before the end of this legislative session – in addition to the 38 aircraft currently in the pipeline,” he stated.

Replacing Aging Tornado Fleet

The Eurofighter purchase aims to help modernize the German Air Force by replacing its fleet of aging Tornado jets. According to the air force’s website, it currently operates 138 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

The new order will bring the total number of Eurofighters on contract to 178 as Germany bolsters its air combat capabilities in light of heightened security tensions in Europe.

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Providing Industrial Certainty

Scholz noted the additional Eurofighter procurement will also provide much-needed certainty to Airbus and its suppliers in the aerospace manufacturing sector. Securing this major defense contract helps sustain Germany’s domestic aviation industry.

The Chancellor’s announcement at the Berlin Air Show follows his government unveiling a €100 billion fund to modernize Germany’s military after years of insufficient spending.

As European nations recalibrate military priorities, big-ticket programs like the Eurofighter purchase signal Germany’s commitment to having a well equipped and modern air force as part of a credible NATO deterrent.

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