F-35B Crashes Near Albuquerque Airport, New Mexico

F-35B Crashes Near Albuquerque Airport, New Mexico

An F-35B Lightning II aircraft crashed near Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) in New Mexico on May 28, 2024 shortly after taking off from Runway 21. The aircraft exploding on impact as emergency crews respond to extinguish fires at the crash site. “F-35B Crashes Near Albuquerque Airport, New Mexico”.

According to local KOB4 news, the pilot successfully ejected and is conscious and breathing, though hospitalized in unknown condition. The F-35B had just taken off from ABQ when the incident occurred.

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Recent Marine Corps F-35B Crashes

This is the latest in a series of F-35B crashes involving the U.S. Marine Corps’ short take-off/vertical landing variant. In September 2023, an F-35B crashed in South Carolina after the pilot ejected due to a malfunction, with the unmanned jet continuing 60 miles before crashing in a field.

In December 2022, another Marine F-35B went down during a vertical landing at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth after departing Lockheed Martin’s manufacturing facility. Unverified reports suggest that crash may have occurred during an attempted STOVL demonstration on departure.

Investigation Underway

While the specific cause of the Albuquerque incident remains under investigation, the series of recent F-35B crashes is likely to raise concerns over the aircraft’s safety and operational risks, particularly during the complex STOVL maneuvering required for the Marine Corps’ expeditionary missions.

As details surrounding the latest New Mexico crash emerge, the Marine Corps will be looking to identify any potential patterns or areas requiring corrective action to ensure this fifth-generation fighter’s capabilities can be fully realized while minimizing aircraft losses and risk to pilots.

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